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The Chromatics
Drive Sountrack Lyrics

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@Dr. Riq First of all i'm a former because i quit... and not for retirement.
I was in the commercial branch, my job was taking care of frouds, thieves, worker's abuse and customer's mistreatment.
I pretended to be a normal customer, with fake identity and fake credentials, to protect myself and the people i care from any kind of revenge (i used also wigs, prostetic beards and make up).
We had directives from agency about our targets, the agency in turn received informations from its customers, whether they were abused staff or owners of shops and chains who suspected of some employee or any other things.
Once jobs were cool and well paid.
Often they sent me to investigate also in a lot of night clubs and disco, all full paid by the agency XD.
I met a lot of interesting people, girls and good drinks... but i had to do some highly risk jobs there, such as stalking bartenders suspected of making extra money selling drugs in the clubs.
Anyway that was the good part of my memories.

After a while jobs became way more boring and, above other things, way more shady...
Missions about valuing employee became more and more filled with strange questions like: "how convincing the clerk seemed to you based on his gaze"...
or other bullshits like "how much seconds passed before the clerk welcome you?" or "Did he have something in his breast pocket that obscured the company logo on his chest?"
And a lot of other pretestuous requests.
Initially i took care of all their questions, filling my report, without overthinking of It.
But after a while i noticed that a lot of employees i checked were fired with a perfect tempistic after my missions...
We have became agents that were litterally paid, by companies, for givining them a pretext to fire all the employees they want... and I didn't want to have anything to do with that crap.

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... l o a d i n g l e v e l ...


I might need to try Battlefield out again.... I just know I’m gonna get my ass whooped cause it’s been a minute


Lol Galileel was geht


Hell this could pass for a battlefield loading screen as well 😂

Markus Bain

p.r. One Of The Most Cool, Soh bain facebook emergency, ‘You have less Intellect, Intelligence, Information, You Know less, Done, YHWH In Dna Proof, No arguments, Wisdom is to Understand, Yahushua, Yah, Jesus Christ Is Lord, pride is weak, No to pride trips, No to accusation, No to assumption, defensive You’re cringe, Heal, Positivity, there’s cringe with a mask, Love Love, be Less ignorant, Always Keep The Truth, Chinese Language With Proof Thousand Years Before Holy Texts Were Written, Much Proof, Share And Help, Be Selfless, selfishness is embarrassing, corrupt Meet Doom, soh Bain Facebook Emergency Things to Learn, No to insecure competition, A Concoction Of Imagination, People will make an illusion to appear to win, weak defensiveness, Energy Field, the more negative the lower, Positivity Is Health, Question Things, I might Know, Positive Is Above, lack of Understanding, Knowledge is lack of Validity, Strive For Perfection, Just Light-speed, soh Bain Facebook, Bain looks Good, Sounds Good, Facebook way of giving information, “what?” “huh” ‘Haha You’re cringe’

‘Can You Read?’


when you walk out of the store without buying something.

Eoghan Dillon


Chris Thomasson



Made my day :))



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