Walking Dead
Dropkick Murphys Lyrics

The greats come alive, the wall is one fire
We've been to this place before.
Yeah we danced through the night as the place burned bright.
And the pages passed out on the floor.

What's so new about what you're saying?
It's a new generation with the same sad song.
What's so new about what you're saying?
Just another generation with the same sad song.

The walking dead couldn't tell us any better.
It's a tale you gotta live to know.
Yeah the story y'all shot is from the book I wrote
I've forgotten more then you'll ever know!

'Cause at the end of the day when the hope fades away.
I was an author you could never afford.
You're up one last stand, with the boys and the band
Before the demon strikes the final chord.


You've got tons of fans in hell boy that much I know.
Tune me up and turn me on before I go!
Just another sad song!



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Comments from YouTube:

The Walking Dead Tributes

It's kind of ironic that The Walking Dead used a Dropkick Murphys song ("Prisoner's Song" off Signed and Sealed in Blood) for the Season 7 Comic-Con trailer - while the lyrics of Prisoner's Song lined up pretty well, this would've worked really well as well, considering the title.

Ryan B

So much truth in this song.

Tex King

@Manthan Shaha say it ain’t so 😂😂

The Evil Drumming Sith Lord

@Arsenico971 I guess they're referring to the same song - probably about how all the generations basically have the same problems even if they all say that it isn't.


I don't really get what it is about, to be honest.


True that

Holly Hock

I love the like to dislike ratio on this video XD

Tex King

Holly Hock same fr fr

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