Holding U
Dru Hill Lyrics

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I can't remember why we fell apart
Or even how the arguments all start
I got this crazy thought running through my head
Mmmm you keep insisting on convincing me that nothings changed

And keep on telling me I'm trippin but its not a game
'Cause somethings different when I'm in it it don't feel the same
I keep on picturing another nigga been hold n you

I feel somebodies been touch n you
In fact I know somebodies been kissin' you
Do you want to tell me who's been love-n-you , love-n-you
Hold-n-you, I don't know why I been trusting you

Only did what I'm supposed to do
I don't know how I been such a fool for love-n-you
It never really mattered too much to me
I guess I was too blind and I could not see

The message in the words that I heard you say
Hmmm, that you're unhappy and you think you need some time away
These things just happen but I know they don't happen that way
I try and understand because I love you

But I keep on thinking that another nigga been hold-n-you
(Check it out , check it out)

Come on, pick up the phone, Shelly


Yeah what you doin'?

Sittin' here thinking bout you boo

Oh, yeah?
Did you think about me
When you was with your girlfriends creepin?


And you was at the club straight freaking

That wasn't me

What am I suppose to do
Tell me how could you be thinking bout me
I saw him in the bedroom baby


I'm looking through the window, don't you play me

Hold up! Where you at?

Baby won't you tell the truth

I am

'Cause I ain't trippin and I know that nigga been hold-n-you


Why, why, why, tell me why, why
Whoa why, why, why, why, why
Tell me why, why, why
Holding you babe

Yeah, shouldn't of been trustin' you, yeah
Whoa, I was your fool, yes I was
Yes I was, yeah, oh
I won't be your fool no more

No more baby
Oh, yeah
(Check it out, check it out)

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Colvin Cruden

Man.. I almost forgot about this song. I saw Dru Hill on the Breakfast Club the other day. So I went on YT to look for their old songs again.

JAZZ is the man.
He was going in HAM.
Especially at the end 🎤✌🏾2020

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This CD used to be on repeat back in 98.. I was only 13 and barely knew what they were talking about.. LOOOOVE this album

Anthony knight

Same lol

Robert Drake


Isaiah St Cyr

Shit I was like 9-10 years old listening to this album 😆😆😆

“How Deep is Your Love” from Rush Hour put me on Dru Hill

Christol Mabon

Best Dru Hill Album

Jasmine Michelle


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this song is real as hell

Latoya Jackson

Real af.. Going thru it now 2020

Mark Hill

CARTERMADE 86 yeah it's true

king g

CARTERMADE 86 realest song he made...my opinion

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