The Love We Had
Dru Hill Lyrics

I just can't believe it girl
I can't believe that it's over
But I'm your man, and I'll be alright
But still, the love we had, stays on my mind

Verse 1
Lately babe, I've been thinking
How good it was when you were here
And it ain't the wine that I been drinking
For once I feel my head is clear

But early this morning, when I opened up my eyes
That old lonesome feeling, took me by surprise
I guess you meant more to me than I realize
The love we had stays on my mind
The love we had stays on my mind

Verse 2
And baby girl, I've been remembering
The good times that we used to share
My thoughts of you, don't have an ending
And the memories of you are everywhere

But why should I tell you
It's not your concern
You win some, you lose some
Well I've lost and I've learned
Sisqo's so lonely with no place to turn
And here at the end, I find...

The love we had stays on my mind

Girl if you were nearer
If you had a mirror
Maybe you could count my tears
And if you were nearer
It would all be clearer
How I wish that you were here
(How I wish that you were here)

Verse 3
And baby girl
I was tired
So I laid down to dream awhile
But lately I've been so, so uninspired
Without the comfort of your smile


But I'm not complaining
Cause that's how it goes
There's always some heartache
In this world I suppose
But you can't imagine......,
nobody knows
The love.......
The love we had stays on my mind.......

I never, never will forget you baby.......


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Mr Right

Kelli James

✓ you probably also think that a good looking cubic zirconia is Greater than the hope diamond also.
✓and a good motivational speaker reciting Martin Luther King Jr's I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH did it better than Reverend King did it.

Can I duplicate copy of a priceless work of art ever be Greater than the original ?

this is not possible.. at the end of the day no matter how good of a performance those that follow great are able to produce, the fact remains that it is only a act or performance..

the original artists are speaking from their heart, pouring out their souls into the song.. everyone that follows are simply releasing priceless classics and blowing the minds of those who don't know the true reason the song is great in the first place.

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I really wish people would stop ✋ comparing Dru Hill & The Dells ..they are from two different eras and to be perfectly honest Dru Hill are actually paying them homage to them not competing smh people act like they can't just enjoy the damn song 🤦🏽‍♀️🎶

Adg 87

@Lauryn 💯💯💯


I love both versions,and I would have only been mad if they had of messed up The Dells song lol.But they did the damn thing,so I have 0 complaints.

Adg 87

@Tracie Scott exactly!!!!

Emmanuel Roberson

Wow some of y'all are doing exactly what she said not to do.

Toyary King

@Mary Barnes agree Dru Hill put this song on another level

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Felicia Ashford

They went in the studio and said “dammit we fina make this go platinum”. They sung the shit out this song. Chills. 🔥🔥

Brittany White


Rashonda Oliver

Did they 😩😩😩 they tore this song up 😩

Janet McCoy

@Roseann Guzman I don’t know how anyone can hear the original a s tho k this version is superior.

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