a new hope
Dual Core Lyrics

Here's the facts of the matter, see, kick all the fallacy
a long time ago, in a far away galaxy

Clone war in zone four, deploy the battle team
shattered dreams, scheme on a plan to beat Palpatine

Jump for joy from your choice in the splendor
or ignore the problem, like Anakin's mentor

(Anakin's mentor?) the rights I defend for
put Reeboks on E-woks and still invade Endor

Blasters, pitch forks, no need to distort
import, a new warrior to kill Sith lords

It's outer space, so quit staying indoors
we've been poor, you dick4... what's a dick4?

Starships, Cruisers, all meet defeat
so what it's a trap, destroy the whole fleet

My R2's juiced: dual pentium thousands
a million birds couldn't catch Millenium Falcon

Tattooine junk yards, looking for centaurs
lightsaber mishaps with Darth Vader head scars

Penalty for referees, handing out red cards
energy, crash from the blast of a Death Star

Calculate flight needs, Starships behind me
times three, might make the jump into light speed

Intergalactic, chin-check playa
i turned down a blind date with Princess Leia

So what do you think R2?
I did too! No for real--her brother tried to set me up with her.

Too much pressure, they all might crack
strike the empire, empire strikes back

It's the jump off every time that the sabers draw
later y'all, outsource the force to the Dagobah

Come behind like you trail in the game
Luke killed his dad, he didn't fail at the cave

We all need leaders: Yoda guides you
the Jedis extinct: Yoda died, too

Go prove the subject, a grown fool would love it
right to the knights of the old school republic

Battle historian, valedictorian
I enflame my veins with some fat midichlorian

Heat it up fast, that's why i'm cookin more
book a tour, these aren't the droids that you're looking for

Wrestle control from the empire's vice grip
rhyme sick, that's just an old jedi mind trick

The pro with the target sites flow in the hardest mics
I hibernate sickness like I'm frozen in carbonite

From the Hoth system all the way into Michigan
double cross juggernaut Lando Calrissian

I mean for real,
how was Lando Calrissian the ruler of the Cloud City?
dood's name is Land-o
wouldn't someone like "Skywalker" make more sense?

shut up

Return of the Jedi, take a few notes
star wars, part four, here's a new hope

Unfreeze Solo and look they don't notice yet
grow a set, slam when I shoulder check Boba Fett

Overhang projectors to strangle the protectors
and telling all pilots to angle their deflectors

The force stays everywhere like serial stalkers
marathon sprints for imperial walkers

It's more fright'ning to shock through the ocean
with force lightning like Tom Cruise and Oprah

Blasters to stun, and wonder who shot ya
the most famous Wookiee by the name of Chewbacca

Jawas, droids, swarm when the light's warm
high score, all sorts of alien life forms

Obi-wan by-gones, tie on to Qui-gon
who pushed 24s when he rolled in his scion

Leia had her mother's good looks and it's prominent
Natalie Portman's genes must be dominant

Alderaan, Naboo, it's down to the wire
you try conducting a sand people choir

Contributed by Xavier R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Subbed cuz of epic stache action. Nuff said ;) Thanks for following me on twitter man. You got next level raps!

Marko Shiva Pavlovic

David have some of the best nerd lyrics in the business. :)


Such an awesome fucking song

Anime Waifu The Hip-Hop Head

This is Hella Fire


Epic :D

Eidetic Ex

I shot water out of my nose at "sand people choir".


Alan Hunter Damn Altos!!)))


bring it back ace ?

JustKill Gamez



JustKill Gamez Burn, ♤ Buy)))

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