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Better Days
by Dubo

Never said it would be easy
Trials and Tribulations
built and destroyed relations
Ships vanish like nathan
Familys torn apart
Love lost everyday
try to kepp it together now you begin to pray like
" Dear lord things not right when will it ever change
nah this cant be life forgive me for all my sins
and the sins ive yet comitted
my journys a roller coaster
dont know my reason for living"
So i pop a bottle for what
cause its a new day
i lived to see antoher year nigga hoo-rae
i couldnt been inside the box Oh-vae
i graduated from the block to the big stage
i know niggas vane get to see 25
i know niggas in the game aint gonna make it out alive
keep your head above the water its a must that you survive
better days on the way i swear my god has never lied
cause i was in the rain
waiting for a better day
it washed away my pain
waiting for a better day
i see you aint the one
waiting for a better day
let it wash away your pain
keep waiting for a better day
my 5 know wear to be found
my 5 that really dont care
my 5 that decking the dodge
and my 5 that was never there
so that boy cry all day
that boy cry all night
that boy never understud
that boy never knew why
that boy done grew up
that boy a grown man sexualy active yea that boy be going in
that boy meat girlfriend that girl got pregnet
that boy know he that father
so dont be like you a dad
dont leave us in the rain as the girl cried to the boy
i refuse to bring pain to this unborn for the joy
no matter how hard it get you just handle it like a "G"
better days on the way i promise just wait and see

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