Please Stay
Duffy Lyrics

If I got on my knees and I pleaded with you
Not to go but to stay in my arms
Would you walk out the door
Like you did once before?

This time be different
Please stay, don't go

If I call out your name like a prayer
Would you leave me alone with my tears?
Knowing I need you so
Would you still turn and go?

This time be different
Please stay, don't go, please stay

I loved you before I even knew your name
I wanted to give you my heart
But when you came back after leaving me one time
Oh, I knew, oh, how I knew that the heartaches would start

If I called out your name like a song
That was written for you and you alone
Would you still hurt my pride?
Baby [Incomprehensible] I cried

This time be different
Please stay, don't go, please stay
You know I'll always love you, darling
Please stay, don't go, please, please stay

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Colin Berresford

I was first aware of this song from the Cryin' Shames version when I was 17.  I later found the Drifter's version which is superb.  Now Duffy's version, which is pretty damned good and certainly blows away all those warbling silly singers which are so prevalent these days.  I understand that Duffy is currently taking time out from the music biz.. which is a shame, but I'm sure she has her reasons. I wish her well.


she got kidnapped and sadly raped bastard i hope the man is dead,it was in the news a while back on the quiet,it happened shortly after she was in Legend.


I can't believe that I have never heard this song before. First time I heard it, was at the end of the film Telstar. I love it. Every time I hear it, I can feel my eyes filling up. Very emotional, especially at the end of Telstar. I think Duffy should cover more 60's tracks, she has the voice for it. She was born too late.

Elena Escócia

The crying shames version of this is my mums favourite song. Duffy in my opinion nails it 💯

Verônica Soares

Ahhh que maravilha! <3

jess rain

On the very last line of the song, when she says please, please stay. When she said please twice, my heart just melted. This song reached my soul!!! Beautiful song Duffy!


It is incredible, I love her voice and her way of singing. Can't get enough:)


This song by Duffy that I heard during the closing titles of the very impressive Bio-Pic "Telstar, the Joe Meek Story" after the killing.. left me with a lump in my chest.. Of course I vaguely remembered the great Drifters song from my youth and the Cryin' Shames version from the mid sixties (the Joe Meek one with that horrible Clavioline sound) but in combination with the terrifying ending of that pic this version of Duffy will stay with me for ever! From now on hearing it will always remind me of Joe Meek... a warning for all of us that no one has immunity from depression.


+Janette Donoghue The crying shames version is my mums favourite song.

ian hall

GMVAN.. Completely agree with this. I watched the film at the cinema when it first came out and this song at the end was so powerful. Listening to it on here does nothing and sounds completely out of context. Watch the film and you will have a new outlook on this
....... BUT...... My god!! The Crying shames version is possibly the most stunning song ever captured. Not matter how she sings it it could not be be the the same.

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