Duh Lyrics

Hello little men from the
Streets and the sewers
Here's number three five seven
Or did you think there were fewer

One by one, little dominos fall
Into pools of cement
Where the cracks tell it all
Sucking it in
Breathing a white light

The angels of heaven are here tonight
Their choruses sing
Their church bells ring
The rear of the shots are deafening

I am the drooling dog
I am the wounded heart
I am the happy clown
I am the coming down

Dropping a line for the forty fourth time
Watching the flies drop as the body counts rise
Feeling brand new, like the flowers of spring do
It's going good for me, how's it going for you

Lifting the veil from the camera's dark eye
Catching the spirits as they fall from the sky
Inhaling the magic and holding it in
The blur of where hell ends and heaven begins

Sex hyptnotism, I've got the sickness
I tried to stop my body, but it wouldn't listen
Asked myself out for a joyride quick drive
You came along 'cause you wanted a joyride

Flashed me a smile and took it all in
Pushed back in my seat as we (?) the drive-in
Burned down the high way in a straight, straight line
You hit my foot and sent it down the red line

Turned the car onto a back road
I hit something hard, what was it, I don't know
Rolled over and over atleast six times
Laughed when we hit, we were feeling so fine

I took your bleeding heart out with my left hand
The dirt in my head soon turned to (?) quick sand
Ignite your eyes, buy now, die later
Hold the flame, Hang on to your dream

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