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Duh Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Duh:

And She Said And she said Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi…
Brick Catcher Would you like to be inside Would you like to know…
Dim Bulb Suspcious Dead tired Dim bulb Heavy Lids falling Forgotten M…
Hex Hello little men from the Streets and the sewers Here's numb…
Hot Day for the Ice Cream Man Four monks claims the cevil him captive In a meter to…
Mr. Mud She's a weed eater He's a bottom feeder The things that she…
Spaghetti And Red Wine Spaghetti and red wine The last time I saw you I saw…
Transformer Your word transforms me Your word transforms me Your word …
Tugboat Anchor Tie me down Drag me down You're the anchor And I'm the clown…
Wiley Coyote You called me once You called me again Tried once more To ma…

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Comments from YouTube:


vibe 🔥


@Drip Luffy so he doesn't give shit about suicide?

Drip Luffy

@Miguel well it doesn’t affect void much they don’t give a shit so you kpop fans can keep crying but it won’t do shit.


@PumaSucksAtWriting well you better get your hands on your keyboard cause lots of kpop fans will literally attack VOID goodluck srlsy im warning VOID he dont know whats coming.....


@PumaSucksAtWriting FINALLY


@Miguel but i agree suicide is something not to joke about

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Can't thank ksi enough for introducing me to VOID oof ❤

Yusuf Thamzeer

Yoooo anime name pls ???


Me too his disstracks and songs go hard.



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