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Dean Bowling

1. Performers
Piano- Duke Ellington 
Saxophone- Harry Carney 
Bass- Billy Taylor
Drums- Sonny Greer 
Trumpet- Cootie Williams 
Trombone- Juan Tizal
Clarinet- Barney Bigard 

2. Style
Big Band 

3. Form
 A A B A 

4. Reason for Inclusion 
Sounds like it could be the "S**ts happening" music for an old action movie at some points.  

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James Farrell

Sometimes when I need help I go up to my attic and duke Ellington’s ghost helps me through my problems.


Nina katsiashvili I'm so impressed that after 11 years you came back to show some love. You have my respect.

Vinnie Charity

I thought I was the only one...🥲

Olive Mogannam


Maxime VH

it's great that that movie got more folks to join us at the jazz scene

Infectious Fungi

@alexthegreaser the 'trane

Colton Jones

alexthegreaser got a better one for you if you feel like being a real know it all. Buddy Bolden. He was a cornetist that was a contemporary of Jelly Roll, but he was probably more significant if the history of jazz in terms of the innovations he introduced, like the first syncopated bass drum pattern from the 4 beats per measure march beat and the rearrangement of strings to the rhythm section and horns to the front line. A lot of the reported reason Jelly Roll is more remembered is because his lighter skin tone allowed him to play the better brothels where white patrons attended. A lot of sources say he was just mediocre at piano, nothing special. Sorry, meant to be shorter. Hope someone enjoys me regurgitating wiki facts lol.

Maxime VH

@Rick Jason whiplash

Rick Jason

Which movie are you talking about?

Rick Jason

@Firstname Lastname well said

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