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Opus 23
Dustin O'Halloran Lyrics

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I bet this guy grew up with Eric Satie playing for breakfast

Hector Buentello

and Maurice Ravel

Abel1120 conlget

tubeornottubeuseful kj

Abel1120 conlget

tubeornottubeuseful k

Blue Snail

Aidan Meachem You all are who I've been waiting to meet since gymnopedie and jybh012.

Peter Ambrosia

yep...for sure

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dr vanex

In the video, I felt I saw the life of the actual artist. In the beginning he was floating in the air aimlessly, as some people float in life lacking purpose, then a crow I believe pops his balloon forcing the artist to stay grounded, the bird to me could be someone like a father or an important figure reminding the artist to find something worthwhile. So he plummets down to the ocean and sinks down into the depths of the sea, almost as if one has to really dive deep within oneself to find purpose, asking yourself, "what's important, what's my purpose in life" so he finds himself upon a grand piano, and he plays. In the scene where the mermaid is first introduced, it represents the artist love life, he may have encountered a love with someone. But just as quickly as she came, an giant octupus creeps by and scares the mermiad away. To me the giant octopus represented a great obstacle, a problem, a danger which drove the girl in the artist's life, away. So in the next scene he was found alone with the grand piano, and you see him retreat inside. To me it represented that he used his passion to save him from heartbreak. Next you see the piano submerge, break surface from the depths. And he uses his piano as a life boat to keep him surfaced and to withstand the storms. Sometimes our passions saves us from life's storms..eventually the clouds disperse. Sun comes out. Time has passed and crows appear again bit this time in a large group. To me this is his family for emotional support. In which the following scene you see them elevate him to the skies, but just before that, the mermaid appeara again and gives him a shiney star which he takes. To me this means that the girl he once lost, came back into his life and she gave him unconditional love . So after the crows take him to the skies, they lead him to the city. A land of prosperity, business. And he is set center stage in front of a crowd. To me it signifies that he has made something of himself finally, found his purpose. The glow of the star is found on his chest, and he is inside the piano rather than sitting on the bench stroking the keys. To me it represents that the artist does not do this for fame or money, but for soul, and passion driven. And the love from his mermaid reminds him of that.

Shlok Kapoor


Jason Leifer

Great description that really fits the video.

lena gonzalez

Alex Galvan that's deep

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