Dynamq Lyrics

Remember dem day in Nairobi
Life was so nice just hard to see
I felt the rain coming straight from the sky
No more pain everything rules by
Music would play all night
If you love reggae music put your hands up high
No matter whether you come from black or white
Some of dem see some of den blind
While de poeple in top say high
Jah jah is the way umoja stay pride
I know kawangwari used to be so rough
Kona mbaya was the place that was so tough
Dandora mash Babylon inna di street
KOpa lefty would play reggae music all night
Kiroshuapande will play it twice
Kamande made the people feel so nice

Writer(s): Kennedy Lorya

Contributed by Kennedy B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ben Kavithi

This is the kind of song i will play to my kids as i try to explain to them the history of paper bags

Edwin Mesesi

True...crime manze

Jackson Musembi

Also the old thousands , pass with a like

Patricia Owako


bonface seremani

Don't forget the money 😂

Chepkwony Justus

A song to listen with anybody in the family, beautiful

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Kiprono Keter

Kenyans are the best reggae lovers in the world 🇰🇪

Steven Mutumbu

Nakwabia hapo ni ukweli Kenya is the Reggae Bedroom.


@Paul Kimani Kariuki yeah the MAUMAU inspired the return of Rasta

Lime Lives Matter

I saw your comment on the Trini song lol

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