Call Me
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Call me
(call me)
If you want to go
We don't have to stay
In a world that is slippin' away

Call me
(call me)
If you want to go
We don't have to stay
In a world that is slippin' away

Face the world
My father told me
That life is mystical
Beautiful bliss-ful
Now, in troubled times
I find soul in reaching
What I'm seeking seems so far
Praise the world
My mother told me
That life's mechanical
So tyrannical
It blows my mind
Just what we'll be reaping
And weeping so help us god
Never knew that I
Could be looking why
Are so many
Making castles of sand
Every man
Want to be the one
Want to be the one to be
King for a day but its slipping away
And I'm happy
Most melodical things I say
To release the pain
And cease the rain
In my brainstorm
I can't hide
From inside
Escape to, the outside
And I'll be flying away.

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Never know, never know
What's right until you walking death
Everyday is just a struggle
We take till there's nothing left
When I wake up pray that I can see the truth between the dark
For the rest that don't care this a message straight to your heart
Nothing you say now can turn me away
I'm walking the path, never-le me a stray
Many they hold mics I don't know what to say
What's going on today?
And you walk to fast
On the broken glass
On the smoking pass
Hoping that
Worshiping the cash
But it never lasts
Won't you ask
What can we be?
Can we be free?
Where can we go?

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Call me
Call me (if you want to go)
Call me (you can call
Call me me if you want to go)

Call me
Call me
Call me
Call me

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Call me, (call me)
If you want to go...

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Comments from YouTube:

Marie-Hiline Bellon

Très beau duo. Vous êtes tout les deux justes magnifiques et le clip est super bien, jolies vues, qui mettent en valeur, cet adorable île. Très belle chanson 😍👍👏👏

jean david

Sak fois kan mo ekute Natty Gong mo senti moi lepok 95/96 kan Raggasonic ti p batte... li fort sa boug la... mange ar li man.... Natty garde to style selment...

Issa Magho

Parole bien placé rasta🔥🔥🇲🇺❤️

Meveena Toory

Just fell in love wid dis song😵💚
Respect ☮

Kishan Purbhoo

Monster energy Ras.. wer man fire 🔥🔥🔥

Jonathan Spevile

Coumadire dan fim couyon 😳zarrrr 🔥

Altaaf Hussein

Kraz baz meilleur des meilleurs
En lot level sanla

Louca Azzopardi

ene roadtrip dan BONOBO ✌️

Lydia Lagaillarde

Zafer la pou bad bad bad🤜🤛🔥❤💛💚

El Saeez

Natty tuzur 🔥🔥🔥❤

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