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by E.S.G.

Is it all about the bling-bling
Mouth full of medal, or moving out of the ghetto
Or is it about the slaves suffering, getting beat
Being sold like raw meat, getting raped
Kids coming out another race
And the wife acting like oh, just another light skinned nigga
Cool ain't rolling blunts, smoking weed
Cool is running away, just to be freed
From the misery, of suffering through hard life

Misery, is what I'm in
Inside of hell, I don't wanna go again
Can you hear, my prayer
Before, my flesh die
The revelation is here, for you and I
And soon we'll see his face, in the sky in the sky

[Ill Tactics:]
The rapture's at the edge, contest a few obliterate
So quick, your wrist watch'll break
See opinions or lies, which made the wrong votes raise
We appointed Bush, with power that shouldn't of been gave
Facts is varied, between the red and blue states
Over ruled every risk, that democrats take
New Orleans, got impossible damage to assist
Even policemen, but can't to people they arrest
How does feel, to hide behind torment
I thought helping victims was good, it brought war in
We been, looking for a job
But instead of us, evacuees the first ones employed
No funds was given, to repair our broken dam
But they can give millions of dollars, to a NASA program
Even my c.d., revelation struck
God shows no mercy, to whom he interrupts


God spare me, I'm living on the edge
Most my peers dead, or doing time in the FED's
I broke bread with my homie, named Dwayne
Lost his house in the hurricane, then turned around and stole my chain
That's a damn shame, can't escape the pain
21 can't cope mayn, he putting dope in his veins
Who am I, to rebel against that
When I'd prolly be guilty, for what selling him that
Revelations man, last book in the bible
Plagues war diseases, illegal assault rifles
Bootleggers hurting profit, I don't wish em death
Just wish the true fans, leave that bullshit on the shelf
Medicade and health care, ain't helping my granny
They banging in the South, better watch your family
Calculating my steps, through this gritty war zone
What the President gon do, when they bring the war home revelations


R is for the way, they running this world
Education is a must, that what they tell these boys and girls
And V, cause it's still very hard to get a job
E for E.S.G., Everyday Serving God
Now L is for the long line, waiting to get to heaven
A for anybody, grinding 24/7
T is for the talon, in the room of monsters
I mill independent, man I'm a monster
O for opresent, labels due to artists
The fake had it good, look the real have it hardest
N, cause a playa never plan to go starving
And I see, why you got the mask and you're robbing
Revelation, tell me what you gon do
When the end of time, is coming for you
Better strap up, with your automatics
Revelations boy, E.S.G. and Ill Tactics g'eah


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