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Better With You You swear we'll back for one another You swear it's all…
Game Over Make way when I'm walking, pray when I'm talking it's…
Lone Wolf If you scared baby don’t look Cuz here comes the lone…
My Stranger Call me young and call me reckless Let a stranger close…

Royalty Say I'm cold-hearted But I'm just getting started Got my eye…
Stay The Night I've paid the price You don't wanna carry me no more You…

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“Changes” is about becoming the greatest on whatever it is you are dreaming about. But it’s also about not losing yourself on the way to the top. Positive change begins at the end of our comfort zone. Progress and success are impossible without change, and if we cannot change our minds, we cannot change anything.


Love u bro


Love U bro! Started poducing 3 months ago and already found my own sound in making Future Riddim or whatever genre I made a day ago XD but u are right that losing urself for reaching high is not a good change. I wanna make music for fun no for being at the top but for experiencing the beauty and infinite outcomes of it. You can be watever you are just follow your dreams and do it with passion :) ❤


@@4t7bosstk53 100% !


@@Egzod Do you have an email where I can send demos for feedback? Or Discord tag?


@@4t7bosstk53 discord link in description :)

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What ticks me off the most is that there are a lot of underrated artists such as yourself who makes better songs than most top artists nowadays. I mean you deserve more recognition DAMMIT!!!!!




it also means more pressure to the artist
and thus they put an invisible deadline to a project making worse quality video


ESL Beijing brought me here. Holy banger.

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