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Bekarov Ezlecha ההורים מחכים שתקים משפחה ותאהב את אשתך תגידו לי כמה בן אדם…
Boy Why settle for boats when you can have a Yacht Why…
Dope Blowin' Lay back Let me smoke my weed Tell me what's your problem…
Just in Me (Vdv got it!) Runnin' it up with my gang I'm gettin' money,…
Kol Hachevre Yeah, yeah I wanna dedicate this song to all my homies…
Lo Hakol Min Alla כולם בסך הכל בני אדם הזמן על הכדור פה זמני ואם…
Lo Leyeladim ולפעמים הם לא מבינים אותי ובאמת שאני לא רוצה לפגוע No, no,…
Rounds Say this recording Naw man we gon keep all this Look man…
Scattered Urin eodilkka Amugeotdo boiji anha Chajeul su eoptneun I gir…

Siman Sheela אה, יו באונס (bounce) איזי (whadd′up) ג'ורדי (yep) באונס באו…

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Comments from YouTube:


It’s not called an EZ Bar for nothing.

EZ Bicep gains baby.

Raghavendra Vaspula


Dawson Harris

Mark Rippetoe says it's called the EZ bar because it was an EZ con to sell to gyms to push for better bicep training.

But then goes on to talk about it's true power in unlocking better gains in tricep extensions.

Kenton Linger

It’s also a lot EZer on my wrists😂


Easy bar just takes pressure off the wrist.



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Jardar Knatterud

Rest in peace my friend😞
U will keep on motevating people and you have left a great memory for many generation to come

Orion Burns

I still can't believe he died so early, he was so kind

Josh Allen

@Orion Burnsdon’t juice

improvement every second

How did he died ??

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