EZ$ -Rattled
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Bekarov Ezlecha ההורים מחכים שתקים משפחה ותאהב את אשתך תגידו לי כמה בן אדם…
Kol Hachevre Yeah, yeah I wanna dedicate this song to all my homies…
Lo Hakol Min Alla כולם בסך הכל בני אדם הזמן על הכדור פה זמני ואם…
Lo Leyeladim ולפעמים הם לא מבינים אותי ובאמת שאני לא רוצה לפגוע No, no,…

Scattered Urin eodilkka Amugeotdo boiji anha Chajeul su eoptneun I gir…
Siman Sheela אה, יו באונס (bounce) איזי (whadd′up) ג'ורדי (yep) באונס באו…

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6'2", when I'm prayin' on my knees, I look like eight feet, That verse always gives me chills


KB thank you for making my days you make them EZ to get through when they are hard or sad. When I play your music it just hits different for my day, and thank you for all the amazing songs that you make that praises Jesus, and I got your book and that has impacted my faith alot, and this song will go insane in a good.




Am I dumb? I don't get what it means lol


@Tanner Kelly ohhh I see thanks!


@Tanner Kelly you are 100% right

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In a world where music is getting further and further from God, and that includes Christian music, KB is here with an unapologetic, uncompromising, faithful song that glorifies God, where every line is intentional and has meaning. Brother, keep it going! This is your ministry; your mission field. Looking forward to the album! HGA






fr!!! he got our Holy Spirit in him ❤❤❤

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