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Say this recording
Naw man we gon keep all this
Look man I'm finna go in, I'm finna vent man I got a lot of shit on my chest man
Shh.. Man
Welcome home Ez.
Lately I been so stressed
I been up four nights I ain't had no rest
Tryna get it right like I don't know this
And she gon tell me lies like I won't notice
(Like I don't know when the fuck you lying
I feel like oh, I feel like ooh
You won't accept my calls
Or reply to none of my texts
You been acting different
Wondering what's gon happen next
Smoking a quarter a day
That keep my mental disorder away
I learned some lessons the last time I made a mistake
Trust I misplaced when I gave it away
To many lonely nights
I'm alone and I need your love
Baby hold me tight
And don't let go, I need to feel you close
They say men not suppose to cry
But I'm crying
They say we only live to die
Well I'm dying inside
Suppressing emotions
Had me stressing couldn't focus
Loosing faith
I'm feeling hopeless
Chain smoking how I'm coping
Penitentiary chances what I'm taking
Almost on a daily basis tryna make it
Bow my head and pray for paitience
Sometimes I be tripping
Really be tripping
Don't know why I'm tripping
Fuck all them women
Playing on my feelings
I'm still in the process of healing
Learn to forgive, but I haven't forgotten
That when I went in, I was forgotten
I don't really care if your happy I'm out
We both know you ain't stop tryna front
Here we go again
Round and round we go
Chasing after wind
Back and forth some more
Tryna snatch a win
Tired of being broke
Just got out the pen
Tryna take it slow
I done lost some friends
Hurt to see em go
Yeah it hurt to see em go
Stomping down on ten toes
I was trained to go
And I can't be running behind ya
Aware of all that I was blind to
And it serves me as a reminder
And determines how i make my mind up about ya
Six years without you
Doing time without you
Now I'm fine without you
On the grind without you
I'ma shine without you
And when its said and done
I'ma die without you
I don't need nobody
I don't need no one
Went with what every one gave me to go on
Still got a couple of real ones around
Who always gon ask when I'm coming to town
Cause I'm out of town and it's been awhile
Not tryna frown but it's hard to smile
Driving around, for how many miles?
I'm smoking on loud and i won't quiet down
Bout to spin it around like a Mary Go
Remember we'd trap out the Marigolds
And the Rainbow
With the same hoes
Til the same hoes
Did the game cold
Took the bank roll
Now I peep in every direction where I'm stepping I'm clutching my weapon
Don't fuck with these niggas, ain't trusting these bitches
This new wave is different I really don't feel them
What Gangsta be talking then telling
Still go to the pen and be fucking with men
What women gon give you your children
Then you go to jail and she fucking your friend
What partner gon tell you he got ya
When he not about to show up in the end
They shackle my wrists to my ankles
I go in I prolly won't come out again
Here we go again
Round and round we go
Chasing after wind
Back and forth some more
Tryna snatch a win
Tired of being broke
Just got out the pen
Tryna take it slow
I done lost some friends
Hurt to see em go
Yeah it hurt to see em go

Stomping down on ten toes
I was trained to go

Overall Meaning

In the beginning of the song "Rounds," EZ$ reflects on his struggles and stresses, expressing his emotional turmoil and the weight on his chest. He talks about feeling betrayed by someone close to him who is dishonest and distant, leading to feelings of loneliness and despair. EZ$ reveals his vulnerability by admitting to crying and feeling lost, but also acknowledges the importance of holding onto hope and faith during difficult times.

As the song progresses, EZ$ delves into his coping mechanisms, such as smoking to deal with his mental health issues and past mistakes. He opens up about feeling forgotten and abandoned during a difficult period of his life, but also shows resilience and determination to move forward despite the pain of losing friends and dealing with trust issues. Through his introspective lyrics, EZ$ reveals his inner struggles and battles with his emotions, as well as the ongoing process of healing and forgiveness.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the repetitive nature of EZ$'s struggles, as he feels trapped in a cycle of chasing after fleeting happiness and trying to overcome his financial hardships. He reflects on his time in prison and the impact it had on his relationships, as well as the challenges of rebuilding his life and finding his place in the world after being incarcerated. Despite the obstacles he faces, EZ$ remains determined to succeed and thrive without relying on anyone else for his happiness or success.

Towards the end of the song, EZ$ asserts his independence and self-reliance, expressing a sense of empowerment and freedom from past traumas and toxic relationships. He acknowledges the importance of surrounding himself with genuine people who support him and uplift him, while also staying vigilant and cautious in his interactions with others. EZ$ concludes the song with a sense of self-assurance and resilience, as he looks towards the future with a newfound sense of purpose and strength to overcome any challenges that may come his way.

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