Dat Ass ft. Big L
Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics

Juicebox, tank top, tube socks
Dude stop, forehead shiny like a new Glock
Two shots fired at the Excursion we were swervin' in
All purpose verses with a passion for servin' kids
Empty out your purses on an immature crime spree
Eyin' up the nurses with some gloves that read I squeeze
Who the fuck said to speak, Mr. Me-Is-Siamese?
Even Christ said "Christ, he flows quite nicely"
Hypebeast's highly likely to bite me
And try to high five me, but I just give them high threes
Cause y'all don't get two, touch me, I'm the shit
Sue me, if you got an issue, grab a tissue
Mediocrity is odd to me
Ass as far as your eyes can see, who the best? They holla me
Nombre, Ho-lay shit, I don't spit crack, I spit cocaine crisp
I ain't fuckin' with it if it's no payment (Why?)
Cause everyone knows payed dues don't pay rent
I'm dope like the coke that I'm laced with
Dreams what I'm chasin', flow hot it's chafin'
This is why I'm hot? No, that is why I'm blazin'
Dilla jacked Nick, I am shinin' like the diamond that I'm draped in
But I don't wear jewelery, it's HUF over Louis V
Excuse the endurance miss, this critic thing is new to me

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Comments from YouTube:


People understand Big L was dead long before this song came out, right?





Old Account Silver Soul

This isn't on EARL, it's on kitchen Cutlery, great song though.


@00maniacmanny00 this channel is a bot created by YouTube and automatically uploads the albums and songs

Habibi Hassan

It was on the Tidal/Amazon re release of Earl


It’s so peak I can only get this on soundcloud or YouTube. Need it on Apple Music / Spotify at a push


00maniacmanny00 no he didn't

Old Account Silver Soul

Did he really? Awesome.

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Robbie Hicks

It's crazy Earl has a song wit Big L

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