Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics

Ma said "Wake up son, good morning"
I rolled outta bed, greeted mama with a yawn then
Paused to scratch an itch and went, down to the kitchen
Fixed a plate of eggs and bacon, glass of OJ Simpson
Just as I was about to dig in
A thought jumped in my head, school was to be attended, shit
I payed my thoughts no attention
Cause I wasn't tryna kick it with this bitch that just ended it with me
But mama wasn't havin it, so I grabbed my bag
And split out the door and saw the whore that I'd rather kick
It seems kinda brash but it's the hash, I mean the harsh truth
She runs shit, she's the jock, I'm the horseshoe
She's gorgeous, when niggas see it jaws hit the floor so
When she left, it didn't break my heart it broke my torso
Making my eyes ache, stalking her MySpace
Posted a new pic, I mean it when I say, that I fucking hate you, but

Maybe if you looked in this direction
I'd pick my heart up off the floor and put it in my chest then
Feel the fucking life, rushing through my body
But you got a guy, it's not me, so my wrist is looking sloppy
Come on, let's cut the bull like a matador
You light me up like lamps a chance is all I'm really asking for
Give me one, I promise I'll be back for more
Most wanna tap and score, I want a fam of four
Not like a family of four, just like.. fuck it
You'll never listen to this shit anyways, fuck you, bitch

She said "You rushing, you rabid son of a Labrador"
But I'm attracted to you like teenyboppers to Apple stores
The basement light is darkened and the switchblade is sharpened
Her name on my arm and her face on a two percent carton
See her face while you're fixing your breakfast
And know she's in my basement, objecting to sex with
Me murder spree, surges on with the next bitch
Tombstones read RIP cause it's pieces they rest in

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Thebe Kgositsile, Tyler Okonma

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Remember listening to this on the school bus in middle school

Gileric Armand

@Foreign D Im 16 bro i listened t this in middle school too 2015-2017 im born in 2004


Foreign D dawg I’m 19 lol

khunt buster

i remembver dat

Gamer D

Cupcake Killah dickhead

Christian Zuniga

BB Finesse the point of his comment was the nostalgia of listening to this in middle school when it first came out, dickhead

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i remember being 14 in 2012 and asking a far away friend for a new song to listen to over text. he gave me this. i remember we had argued about whether or not OF was actually worth listening to, since their music collectively leaned dark, but he was so sure on them; he’d only give me their stuff. i found him to be fascinating— he was “the bad boy” who thought everything was lame, even me sometimes. but when he didn’t, he was the sweetest. and the absolute f u n n i e s t. my god. anyways, i remember he gave me this and i loved it immediately. loved the tonality and the wordplay and the simple piano. he later gave me oldie by from the OF tape vol 2 and nightmare by T, and by then, i was hooked. odd future became so ingrained in my sulky teenage existence until they “split”. nick and i grew farther and farther apart. my last solid conversation with him was the day before my 15th birthday, when he messaged me on facebook out of the blue to tell me he wanted to be the first to wish me a happy one. that was the kind of guy he was. we talked about him getting clean and how things were really turning around for him. i was so proud to call him a friend, and even more proud to be someone he could call a friend as well.

nick diamond committed suicide in august of 2015, our senior year. i had felt a pull to reconnect with him 2 weeks before; i thought i had time. i can only hope the pain is gone now. somewhere, wherever he landed, i know he’s still the coolest.


If you're reading this, yes the comments are exactly what you expected. 😐

your disappointed grandmother

michael x i'd bet you've never talked to a woman in your life

Michael Morgan

@Michael Nurse oh. U got me man I was thinking the exact same thing

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