Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Do you niggas know? Alright
Check it out bro, bro, bro, bro
Look, uh, yeah, yeah
Uh, shit, uh, yeah

My mood really swinging, I peruse like a native would do
What I'm thinking I should do for the sake of myself
No games with this cash, go play with yourself
We stay on your ass
Your sense of safety melt in a flash, bang
Don't know what I'ma say
Cause I don't label the bags, I stay in 'em
See you shooting but your angles is trash
Don't play with us, I revisit the past
Port wine and pages of pads
Momma say don't play with them scabs
It's safe to say I see the reason I'm bleeding out
I need you now, closed lips make the mouth breathers frown
Two's a team, three a crowd
Twelve street, I kept some lean around
Help me, it's been a minute since I seen a decent count
The wealth be the labor's fruit
The loop hold up the belt, G's felt
All praises due, the juice unobtainable
Like Tang in the booth
Dark face on the news
Clouds grey on the move
On the way like the truth
Yeah, yeah, uh

I said the dark face on the news
Clouds grey on the move
On the way like the truth (on the way like the)
Yeah, clouds grey on the move
On the way with the

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Written by: Giovanni Cortez, Sherman Willis, Thebe Kgositsile

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Matt Bazilius

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These are the producer credits anyway, some might be wrong.

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its funny seeing tyler being a "popstar" and earl being so slept. no offense to tyler, love him too, but this stuff is just another level

dylan murphy

@Kazzy Kaioken I’m gay and kinda agree, they are using sexuality as a tool. I have nothing in common with other “lgbt” people other than what genitals I like 😂

dylan murphy

Tyler has album of the year

Demetrius Bartholomew Edwards

@Kazzy Kaioken bro just say you hate gays cause you dont like tyler cause he only raps about kissing niggas n shit when he has a whole album dedicated to a girl (CMIYGL) and more but just way more offensive

Kazzy Kaioken

@Demetrius Bartholomew Edwards A phobia is an irrational fear of something. I dont fear them neither is my aversion to them irrational. Lil nas x went all over the country performing at schools gaining child fans and then dropped highly explicit homosexual imagery on them. Thats the agenda, its in the cartoons, adverts and now hip hop

Demetrius Bartholomew Edwards

@Kazzy Kaioken Bro just had a album about a girl and had multiple albums about girls g just say you homophobic simple

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Fantano ironing that yellow flannel as we speak

\ N_Logan \

@sweetdick archive u was right


@Lamar Nolan he gave it a 8 even though it is a 9


Fantano is ass

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