Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More
Eartha Kitt Lyrics

(Annie, where's Annie,
Where, oh where is Annie?)

Annie doesn't live here anymore.
You must be the one she waited for.
She said I would know you by the blue in your eye,
Checkered suit, a fancy vest, and polka-dot tie.
You answer to that description, so I guess that you're the guy.
Well, Annie doesn't live here anymore. (Annie, where's Annie?)
Annie doesn't live here anymore. (Where's Annie?)
It's too bad you didn't call before. (Where's Annie?)
She just bought a gown that ties with ribbons above,
Brand new shoes, a pretty hat, and latest style glove.
She really looked so alluring, and just waiting for your love,
But Annie doesn't live here anymore.

It was spring. There was romance in the air,
And ev'rything seemed for loving hearts to share,
And there was she, just as lonely and as blue
As she could be. That's the reason—

Annie doesn't live here anymore.
Might have been your picture that she tore.
She was oh so faithful. What a pitiful sight!
Waited for the letter that you promised to write.
A gentleman with a top hat called around the other night,
And Annie doesn't live here anymore.(Annie, where's Annie?)

Annie doesn't live here anymore. (Annie, where's Annie?)
Annie doesn't live here anymore.

Writer(s): J. YOUNG, H. SPINA, J. BURKE

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Comments from YouTube:


She was knocked out in smooth criminal

Baybii Botta

She's all in their business lmao



Orla Kearney

@anniej1961 brill

Orla Kearney

@anniej1961 brill

José Manuel Sánchez Gómez

Very well sung, indeed. She says much more than her words alone. Annie is a great and brave girl.

keith widden

SOooo Sexually Aware - Total Woman !!


Where did Annie go. She didn't go anywhere. The gentleman with the top hat called and they got as far as the street and he told her she was at work. Been there ever since and makes a lot of money at it. Your eyes will be crossed but her legs won't be.

Andy Mueller

a nice song.  Too bad you ruined it for me with that puke ad about Obamacare.  That's the last time I'll watch anything with that ad.

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