My Discarded Man
Eartha Kitt Lyrics

I'd like to tell a little story
that's been told time and time again
About the foolish men who chased me
My discarded men

They used to tell me they loved me
But I knew better than them
I'd find them looking around the corner
My discarded men

Piercing eyes with a vension
Tell them to count to ten
They'd bribe me with their diamonds
My discarded men

Telephone calls in the evening
They'd drive me round the bend
Cavayar champagne and roses
From my discarded men

Chased me after a fashion
I could never pretend
No substitute for passion
My discarded men

You think you can thrill me
Ha Ha Ha
You can think again
Watch out or you might become
One of my discarded men

I'd like to dress up in sequins
And treat myself now and then
Perhaps I'll give a little favor
To one of my discarded men

Ha Ha Ha
You think you can win me
And be my special friend
Just take a tip from the others
My discarded men

My discarded men

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Comments from YouTube:

ninosimone x

She make anyone feel sexy listening to her .... Eartha is one in a million!!!

Mason Garett

One of the original DIVAS! She woman had unique, cat like features; a beautiful body; and the famous PURR of a kittens! No one compares to Eartha Kitt!

Malz Viride

I keep on replaying the purr at 3:05! I wish I could purr like that!!

Julie Crawford

it was a growl ;)

Sally Hull

beauty and talent all in one gorgeous package: WHAT A WOMAN!!!!! RRRRRROW

Gia's Wonky Eye

How does she do it?? The only time I can make that sound is with my mouthwash in the morning!

The Jupiter 2

I had forgotten all about this song cover of Ms. Kitt's AWESOME
Ms. Kitt's music can always lift my spirits and put a smile on my face always.
I also love it when she sings in French I could listen to her speak French and never get bored.
What a talen and what a loss

R I P Ms. Eartha Mae Kitt you are still being loved and appreciated in late 2015 :) :)

Jerry Bright

Eartha Kitt will always be one of my favorite entertainers ever.

Cecil Medina

The original SexKitten....Beautiful!!.....Sleep Well, My Love.

Mick Stupp

i always wondered what really hot women thought about all day...

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