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Anitra's Dance
Edvard Grieg Lyrics

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This is a pretty chill piece of music, its only when Hall of The Mountains King kick in does the anxiety kick in.

Elizabeth Martin

@BebR1k_2002 well if in the Hall of the Mountain king plays then I'm out. I got trauma with that song


@Elizabeth Martin a cool video game with puzzles, you should try it out, there is a puzzle where this music and 'in the hall of the Mountain King' play

Elizabeth Martin

@George McMarrinyolfsnouzerwilf what's The Witness?

Lucas Br

Literally only solved it after putting the headphones off

George McMarrinyolfsnouzerwilf

@2tus oh fuck I just realized what you were referring to

Oh god oh fuck I fucked up

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I first heard this piece of music in a dream (must have been playing on the television upstairs), and for years I searched like crazy for the name...I knew it was real. Well worth the 10+ years wait to hear it again.

Matteo Javid Battista

I'm Happy for you bud

Meme Man Fresh

that happened to me with fugue in d minor

Meme Man Fresh

this happened to me with fugue on d minor i was at summer camp and someone had it as their alarm

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