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Ballade in G minor Op. 24
Edvard Grieg Lyrics

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Varen Enno ein Gong fekk eg Vetren at sjaa for Vaaren…

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Comments from YouTube:

Gérard Begni

This ballad is iactually a series of variations upon what seems a popular sad song. IN the exposition, this simple melody is harmonized in a complex way, and the variations go deeper in these precious harmonies. Virtuosity is present of course, but some sections are slow and very simple, though always richly harmonized. The influence of Schumann is obvious in some sections. So, all in all, this ballad is very different from these of Chopin and Liszt, but deserves its room quite close to them.

Queeen q

Grieg played his Piano concerto many times in public. But he played this Ballade only once in presence of his close friends, and he was completely exhausted towards the end of the performance. This piece meant a lot to him, too much...


What a beautiful piece. Grieg was a magician of sounds.

Joy Johnson

Heartbreaking piece of work. I've never heard this before but I will be listening on repeat today.

In my humble opinion, 12-TET is lame.

14:21 From that variation to the end it's just rock hard!

sage4now Ty

A great composition by Grieg, as usual!! And yes, this is a set of variations on a melody but quite beautiful and virtuosic !!

Leave Now

16:02 to 18:00- this part is amazing - gets me through a hard day and cleares the mind of troubles.


This piano is so beautifully tuned, regulated, and the tone is amazing. Bravo to the performer, the technician, and whoever created this fine instrument.

Thaddeus DuBois

Never heard this piece, but what a masterpiece. Beautifully composed and played......


oh man thanks for posting I searched this piece for ages

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