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Piano Concerto in A Minor
Edvard Grieg Lyrics

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Hello J

00:00 start
1:10 A (19)
1:53 Animato (31)
2:22 B (43)
3:04 C (53)
4:26 D Animato (73)
5:01 Tranquillo (89)
5:53 (102)
6:12 E (109)
6:35 Tempo 1 (117)
7:17 Animato (129)
7:46 F (141)
8:30 (151)
9:13 (159)
10:03 (176)
11:06 In tempo 1 (177)
11:44 (187)
12:07 (191)
12:34 (197)
13:20 Tempo 1 (206)
13:58 (214)

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Nurlan Bayaman

Rubinstein is astounding here and people have already praised him in rightfully glorious words. But I want to highlight the camera work, which is so good here. Too bad they don't film concertos in this way anymore. It's a pleasure not only to listen, but also to watch.


Nurlan, thought the same .........

Stefan Nenadovic


Dave Lee

Agreed! And didn't Rubenstein have a wonderful, expressive face?

Barbara Larcom

@Bienvenido Pena Bien dicho! De acuerdo total.


Yeah concertos nowadays are just closeups on the soloists' face

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Elisabeth C. Dieryckx

Grieg unfortunately composed only ONE Piano Concerto, BUT WHAT A WONDERFUL ONE HE COMPOSED !!! His soul is in it, he gave it his ALL, and the result is a MAGNIFICENT WORK OF ART !! one can never tire of listening to this divine many of the best Solo Pianists have played it, one better than the other......I am in love with Grieg!! Just listen to the end notes, is this not
just ECSTASY ????

Barbara Steen


Barbara Steen


vijay krishnan

Oops what more could we have got out of his talent had he composed more,I can't even imagine

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