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Solveig's Song
Edvard Grieg Lyrics

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Anneke van Giersbergen & Árstíðir The winter may pass and the spring disappear The summer too…
Cecilia God give you strength wherever you go in the world, in…
Méav The winter may pass and the spring disappear And the spring…
New Clear Sky Winter and spring will disappear Even summer, even a year Bu…

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Wow, this selection of music brings oceans of feelings to me. It is so beautiful.
  I can close my eyes and I can see myself walking in the forest, my
hair blowing in the breeze and my long gown flowing. I am crying because
I am missing my family, I am wondering if it is all worth it. Despair
sets in. I continue to walk. Then, all of a sudden, I come to a
clearing. I stop, I walk to the top and look down over a luscious green
valley with the ocean in the distance, I think what beauty, surely if
the Lord can make this, He can set me free. I sit and bow my head in
prayer, I look up and see the sun casting beautiful rays through the
clouds, I smile, I get up, I know all will be well. Sure, life has
sadness, but mixed in are times of wonder and happiness. Life is a gift,
I thank the Lord for it.

Carlos R Canas

Perhaps there will go both winter and spring,
And next summer also and the whole year,
But onetime you will come, I know this for sure,
And I shall surely wait for I promised that last.

God strengthen you where you go in the world,
God give you joy if you before his footstool stand,
Here shall I wait until you come again,
And if you wait above, we'll meet there again, my friend!

Grieg composed the incidental music for Ibsen's play Peer Gynt and Solveig is one of the main characters in the play. She sings this famous song.

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Jack Ligny

I have lived 25 years in Norway, the picture above is from Sognefjord, and somewhere up in those mountains above this fjord I owned a cabin, quite isolated, with an equal magnificent view...and when I hear this music, Grieg's music, tears come in my eyes, never, anyway to me, there has been music written so close in relation with this magnificent nature, Solveig's song, Morning Mood...Takk skal du ha, Heuvelsland.
I also saw a beautiful ballet at Den Norske Opera, Oslo, choreographed after this song,

Eric B Gordon

Which means, this is the perfect, singularly-encapsulating image for this music.


@holamoco17 It means House-war

Margaret-Ann Coleman



Grieg's "Solveig's Song" sung by English boy soprano

Odile Reneleau

What happiness to read you Jack Ligny 👑🎶🎶🎶 each morning having nespresso I usually listen to this Grieg's piece too 😃from 🇨🇵

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Tone Ollestad Music Channel

I know this sounds strange, but whenever I listen to Grieg I feel I can hear Norwegian nature.
I am Norwegian myself and I lived for five years in the UK. Whenever I felt truly homesick I would listen to Grieg and it always made me feel better.

Ole De La Forest

And love him

Ole De La Forest

I live in norway


Who in the world dislikes this?
This is unbelievably beautiful...

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