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Home Again
by Edwyn Collins

I'm home again
Hardly certain of my role and then
I started searching for my soul again
But there was nothing I could find
I'm home again
But l've been here before, old friends
And I know I'll be consoled again
In the past I've left behind

When I was a boy
Well I heard somebody singing
And I heard the guitars ringing
And it brought me home again
Home again

I've strayed again
My good intentions got mislaid and then
I got stuck inside this maze that bends

Have I been this way before?
I've stalled again
Like some eternal drunken brawl that ends
When the mirror finally cracks and then
There's no reflections any more

Outside on the street
Well I heard somebody singing
And I heard the music ringing
From some clapped out pirate station
It was my unholy salvation
Home again
Home again

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