Effi Lyrics

Wake me up I'm still asleep
Take the blanket off my feet
Strap on fast shoes we should run
Before the day has passed and gone
And if the sky is painted grey
And morning seems to fade away
Then collect sunrays in rain
Left by love to shine again
Shine for you then shine for me
And if your doubts are screaming out
Turn your ears off block em out
Cause soon it will be quiet enough
To hear sweet nothings changing fuzz
Predicting burn out of black clouds
Predicting time gets booted out
While constant morning's filled with sun

Too many pictures, painted black,
Without remorse do fill our bags.
We do spy and we do cry,
We should sing and we should die
As long as moments taken still
By profiling gaps to fill,
Another answer's giving late,
Leaving time to speculate
If a reason could be found
Then in existence's biggest town,
There'll be change of company
In the bed of misery
Where I wake up to fall asleep

I think I'm on my way to mars
To shine through stormy weather
I keep on undergoing the past
And I hope to shine forever again

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Comments from YouTube:


How this song is not world famous is beyond me

lourdes mora

LOVE IT! Hello from Spain :)

astrid helmlinger

waaaaaahnsinn.. warum seh ich das erst jetzt? <3


Cooler Song :)


great song! Sweet video! why so little views??

Sa Bi

unbeschreiblich <3

Maria Zottler

extrem genial :D und live is er genausogut :D

Tobias Sudi

wunderbarer song!

Harry Bo

Extremst fein mann !! ;))

The Girl On Foot

Why is this song not famous??