Believe Me Now
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Can you hear me?
Ahhhhhh, Something, something!

Believe me now,
I could never say goodbye,
Don't leave me now,
Believe me now

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of "Believe Me Now" suggest a desperate plea for someone to believe the truth being expressed. The lyrics suggest that there is something that the singer is trying to get across, but it seems like the audience is not willing to listen. The repetition of "believe me now" seems to emphasize the urgency of the situation. The line "I could never say goodbye" implies that losing this person would be the ultimate consequence of not being heard.

The repeated use of "Ahhhhhh, something, something" creates a sense of ambiguity and mystery. It suggests that there is something that cannot be put into words, but it is still important enough to warrant a plea for belief. It creates a sense of mystery and suspense, which adds to the tension of the song.

Overall, "Believe Me Now" is open to interpretation, but it seems to express a plea for someone to pay attention and believe what the singer is saying. It creates a sense of tension and desperation that is accentuated by the repetition of key phrases and the ambiguous use of sound.

Line by Line Meaning

Can you hear me?
Can my words reach you and do you understand my message?

Ahhhhhh, Something, something!
An expression of emotion, perhaps frustration or desperation, which may indicate the struggle to find the right words to convey a message.

Believe me now,
I am sincere and earnest in what I am saying, and I hope that you will trust and accept my words.

I could never say goodbye,
The thought of parting ways with you is too difficult to even consider, for it would cause me great pain and sorrow.

Don't leave me now,
My fear and anguish at the thought of being alone without you is overwhelming, and I implore you to stay with me.

Believe me now
Once again, I urge you to trust and have faith in what I am saying, for it comes from a place of deep sincerity and earnestness.

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Written by: JEFF LYNNE

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Does anyone else enjoy this orchestral music from ELO more so than their other songs without it? I feel like I'm the only one


I like their more up-tempo songs, generally.


you are not alone


I really enjoy it


Nah you are not the only one


Possibly the greatest interstitial ever... a shame it's so short. When I hear a song like this it grabs me and I can do nothing but listen with my whole being :D


TanukiDigital I love melancholy songs


@Sarah Kinsey I got a melon, but no collie dog?


So ist es!!!🌹


Whenever I hear this song, picture the same thing I picture when I listen to the 10538 overture. The song sounds like the sequel to the 10538 overture. The song that would play when the prisoner in the song kills himself.

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