One Summer Dream
Electric Light Orchestra Lyrics

Deep waters flow, out to the sea,
They never needed you or me.
One summer dream, one summer dream.

Blue mountains high and valley low,
I don't know which way I should go,
One summer dream, one summer dream.

Warm summer breeze blows endlessly,
Touching the hearts of those who feel,
One summer dream, one summer dream.

Bird on wing goes floating by,
But there's a teardrop in his eye,
One summer dream, one summer dream.
One summer dream, one summer dream.

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: JEFF LYNNE

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Media Fury

I met this beautiful young woman who seemed so serene, fresh and enchantingly engaging with her soft Tennessee accent and charming blue, gentle eyes. I fell in love. She said she loved me. And I had thought, after years of struggle and loneliness that my dream of true love had finally become a reality. She said she loved me.

Never once in my enamoring did I suspect that depression had been her cross and her family's Golgotha.

I didn't figure out just how much it completely eroded her until a few days after our honeymoon. She turned remote, distant, and cried for no reason. I couldn't touch her and she not freeze into a statue. Then she'd warm up into a sex machine and shower me with fire and even some warmth .. only for this exhausting emotional rollercoaster to occur over and over.

I was bewildered and I had no idea that this would be the pattern of a 17 year journey through a marriage rent by her mental illness. We constantly worked at living with each other, trying to make our frayed edges a union. It fooled a lot of people, including me. But not her.

Over the years, I had listened to her spill her fears, her anguish, her rage over a brokenness in life I never knew she had before the wedding day. It helped chase her demons away who'd plagued her relationships with her dysfunctional family .. but it seemed to raise a hell within our own as the freer with them she felt, the more stifled we became. She'd said she'd be my friend always, never would hurt me. She was so sweet. But those lovely blue eyes grew cold. I could sense something very wrong ..

But I loved her. I wanted the marriage. I wanted us to work out. 17 years later I'd learn she did not, but I couldn't believe what was clear. The empty spaces had become galactic expanses those last four years and her treatment of her disease had turned off the voices in her head and closed mine off to her.

Deep waters flowed to the sea and the warm summer breezes blew endlessly around us that last year we were together as she made a final stand of Missushood. The love and the lovemaking just were unreal, plastic and brittle, even as she spiritedly took me and played at being a wife.

After the last time we engaged in this shadowy passing of two ships in the night, I was sated .. and yet sadder than I'd ever been. We were intimate and were NOT intimate. The dream of love, birthed in a warm summer's day was a sigh floating away from me. It really was one summer dream and the fall was coming.

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Agreed...this song is overlooked. The strings are magical, the feeling and melody are mesmerizing.

H Mackie

Jeff Lynne knows what he's doing.

H Mackie

whoah...I Never overlooked ELO
and never will,I did overlook REO Speed Wagon but have repented :)


@Patricia Bergamni Bev never got the credit deserved as a drummer. From his days w/The Move on, he deserves it.

Patricia Bergamni

Bev Bevan's drumming stand out on this track! Well done Bev!!😉


I concur wholeheartedly! :)

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Kayla Hicks

Such a melodious and mesmerizing song. It's pure poetry. Jeff Lynne is a lyrical genius.

Bruce Demarest

I've had this album since I was 16. That was 1978. I can listen to it forever.


The Hit that never was! Sadly underrated song! Would love to see Jeff Lynne do this song live!


Check out the live version on here.

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