The Whale
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Carl Loud

In 1979 I had a Trans Am. This album 'Out of The Blue' and this song 'The Whale' was one of my favorite cassettes. Yes, I said cassettes that I listened to as I rolled down the highway, especially at night for some reason. The images of a huge whale floating seeming effortlessly beneath the sea was so relaxing and had such a calming effect on me I couldn't explain it. I just enjoyed it. I listened to this song over and over, time after time each time thinking the same thoughts and seeing the same images in my mind. Listening to it now takes me back to 1979 and I'm in my Trans Am...great memories for sure.

Ken Perk

Same here, dude. I had just bought a '79 TA in a new color called Fiero It was almost a year before I saw another of that color. A lot of people were jealous.

Rob Arons

I had this on an 8 track tape (actually still have it). The funny thing is that the first time I listened to this song was while I was on an all night ride in my car. Didn’t have a cool Trans-Am though, just a Buick.

Katherine Ledesma

I had a boyfriend with a Trans-Am. And this album blasted from his stereo!!!

Carl Loud

@Katherine Ledesma Do you still have the boyfriend? But most importantly, does he still have the Trans Am? Of all the cars I've owned in my lifetime I would love to have that car back. BTW it was engine red but without the lights, sirens and ladders LOL!


That trans am got crushed into a little cube like in Goldfinger.

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alex erik

My all time favorite ELO song I can't get over how amazing this song is. I hate when it stops playing, I could listen to it over and over!!

Michael Burgan

Amen Brother!

Ron Martin

In headphones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra Poole

I cannot emphasize enough how often I played my LP version of this back in 1977-78. After having not listened to it for at least 30 years, I still know every word of every song. Every. Word. :)

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