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Hath Arob
Electric Masada Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Absolutely incredible.


I watched this on TV a few years ago... woooaw!!! great concert!!! ....I understood why John Lurie wrote a tune called "John Zorn's S&M Circus"!!!!!!


thank you for sharing this blistering performance.

Alena Yazykova

Zorn is an honest musician. Like, truly honest one.


Zorn is such a virgo: even his chaos is perfectly conceived of, planned out, and executed. Dude even makes Zappa look like a slacker.

Ryan Dennler

john zorn is a genius.... man.....

Amaranta Pico



I'd better not listen to any of this while driving. I'll get a bunch of speeding tickets. Whoa. And don't listen to any of this before going to bed, I'll be up all night! Too much energy!


Zorn has such a form his is chaos it's beautiful

Andres Solo


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