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Electric Masada Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Skasick

I am convinced that if Miles Davis was still with us, he would absolutely love John Zorn's take on jazz.


and what take is that?


for the record zorn was active for more two decades before miles died


This kinda just goes beyond jazz and into it’s own category of John Zorn

Allegorical Statue

Sooo incredible to watch the interplay between the musicians, the way they respond to Zorn's conducting. The whole performance is cohesive and tight


These performances are to be watched intently, not just listened to. So much to enjoy, so much to learn!

Daveen Peterus

Zorn is quite possibly the most creative person in modern history.


His elastic skin

Salt Spring Design

great percussionist, he brings out a lot of toys for the intro and i love that, especially the tube thing that he whizzes around. Love Marc Ribot's guitar work also, he's one of my top 10 fav guitarists. Interesting to note that Fred Frith played bass on Naked City; he's a fearlessly innovative guitarist. That was the first John Zorn i ever heard and it blew my mind with it's schitzo composition and playful intensity. Thx for posting this Sarah!


The Zorn Approach: Multitasking as an artform...
He blew his first notes. And the audience went wild!
This is too amazing...
Thanks for posting!!! 🎷💛

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