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Metal Tov
Electric Masada Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


i like this version more than the naked city version. the recordings from at the mountains of madness are awesome


simplemente genial

Max Rush

I think people are missing the point of Electric Masada. It's just extended, electric versions of Masada pieces and Metal Tov.
It's meant as a totally light-hearted project, mostly showcasing the performers themselves.
There's already so much 'serious' Masada. It's nice to just hear something like this or Masada Rock every now and then.


the first time i heard zorn it reminded me of zappa. in fact i think alot of people are reminded of zappa in zorns music


the thing that keeps it fresh is the improv of the players.

Drew Silverman

They are so great


For sure. I have this transcription and just thought mostly long or short for the notes...before writing it out properly. Great fun!

Mark Battersby

"This just sounds like a forced inbreed of Masada and Naked City." This song was originally written for Naked City, and it was one of the earlier "klez" sounding songs that Zorn played, so it IS an inbreed of Masada and Naked City. I think Electric Masada and fantastic, and while I prefer Masada's Idalah-Abal and Lilin, Electric's versions of Tekufah and Kedem can't be beat--by any of the other Masada groups.


Good sync between the two drummers. And very cool overall - not for the ordinary listener, though.

Pedro de Sá

cool! i liked this, strange but audible. i see some musics from Naed City...oh...they´re impossible to litens without TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CONCENTRATION. you need be a music specialist to undestand. Zorn is a Genius!

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