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by Eli Nathan

In our shul he was known as the Candy Man,
Although he was the Gabai too.
A simple man, with no airs about him -
He calls himself an ordinary Jew.

Every morning, the shul doors he opened.
He always was the first one of the ten.
And after the prayers were all over
He'd stay on behind the other men.

Old Abe Greenstein, he's our candy man.
That simple man with no airs about him.
Old Abe Greenstein, the man that no one knew,
He calls himself an ordinary Jew.

On Shabbos, the children all flocked to him
When they made a blessing they would get a sweet.
Everybody said, "Good Shabbos" to him,
He was a friend of everyone he'd meet.

Well one Shabbos during service the boiler blew,
Flames leaped high with crackling sounds.
The congregation was waiting outside the shul
When the news got out… Abe couldn't be found.

Where's Abe Greenstein, where's that candy man, ...

While the fire inside the shul was raging
The congregation waited silently,
The rabbi just stood there and shook his head,
Without Abe… what will be?

Suddenly, before them stood old Abe,
With his clothes aflame and charcoal on his face.
He looked more like an angel than a man,
With the Torah scrolls clutched in his embrace.

Old Abe Greenstein…

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