Reshape Reason
Elitist Lyrics

On and off we tilt
Like shifting planets
From the edge of design
As fractioned pieces multiply
The metamorphic ground unveils
A map to a new life
From the distance
From the spaces between us
We will find reason
We will find hope
Counterfeit parts of the earth
Find their way into the depths of creation
Silhouetted in the sunset
Magnified by the apex of time
Concealed in the layers
Hidden from ordinary eyes
Architecture, this planet
Intelligent design
Enter a world of masterpiece
Where what you see is what you make
Enter a world of masterpiece
A perfect system
Reshape reason
What you can't see
What you can't hear
Will show itself to you
(Reapeat 2x)
Enter a world of masterpiece
A perfect system
Reshape reason

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Comments from YouTube:

Reshape Reason

The lyrical theme of a lot of the songs are based on literature, stories, kings and legends tied to Freemasonry. This is why we chose similar imagery on the album art. We have no intention of spreading conspiracies or messages about the devil.

Riff Bear

RIP, i dont know how your sound got progressively less progressive (imo), but (again, imo) this album and your older stuff sits bravely amongst the stars, shining with the light of glory, showing a path for others.

Riff Bear

@Madara imo means "in my opinion". in case you didnt know that.


Less progressive? This is far more progressive than any other material they've made in the past.

Andrew Lein Guitar

+SameBasicRiff agree with you

Carlos Pardon

Loving the song guys! and great lyrics too!

ryan robles

i love elitist since the first time i saw em live . much heart goes into there music .


This album is gonna be huge... Much success to you guys!

Lachie rollo

This is the most amazing track I've ever herd. You guys are incredible.

Matt Harnett

Mix is sounding awesome!

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