Elitist Lyrics


Writer(s): Juilan Rodriguez

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and here's the part where you're supposed to smoke a bowl and reflect while you wait for the next track to fuck you up.


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful instrumentals every written.


this has been such a good year for prog n.n forever orion still has a album in the works too! the year of prog metal isn't even over yet <3

William Benally

Given by how peaceful this sounds, there is still a spark of humanity.


Beautiful song!!!

Jacob Lynch

love, passion, harmony...the Elitist way..

Ozzie Issacs

this is just like the band Hammock's music. If you guys dig this kind of stuff you should definitely check out Hammock.

Tim Osiris

this is beautiful


hell yes, probably exactly what they were going for

Sahil Vaidya

Isn't this the tune that plays in the intro of Lonely Giant? Beautiful shit

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