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A Baylar Calypso
Elli Medeiros Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Elli Medeiros:

A Bailar Calypso Vamos a bailar calypso mi amor Vamos a bailar calypso Vamos …
Bom Bom (Ramuntcho Matta/Elli Medeiros) I... Think... You... And Me…
Bom Bom (remix) (Ramuntcho Matta/Elli Medeiros) I... Think... You... And Me…
Comme D'Habitude Je me lève Et je te bouscule Tu ne te réveilles…
My Heart Belongs To Daddy While tearing off a game of golf I may make a…
Sophisticated Lady Sophisticated lady tryin' to change my ways Just because yo…
Toi mon toit Toi, toi mon toit Toi, toi mon tout mon roi Toi, toi…

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Comments from YouTube:


chanson pour sa fille calypso.

Travis Hill

 This is the Frenchest thing I've ever seen in my life. 

Elisabeth Bonamour

@Nikolas SoDiant she grew up in Paris since she was very young.

bernard lacoste

@Nola Loha and bistoufly of course

Nikolas SoDiant

Travis Hill And Elli was born in Uruguay ;-)

Nola Loha

But half the song is in Spanish...

Nicolas Paroche

Elle chante, elle belle et sexy en plus !!! c'est pas la première fois qu'une Latina me rend fou...

Stéphane ARTHAUD

Elli Meideros: achetez !

Giorgio Laconi


Pablo Poblète


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