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Someone's always coming around here
Trailing some new kill
Says "I've seen your picture on a
Hundred-dollar bill"
What's a game of chance to you,
To him is one Of real skill

So glad to meet you, Angeles

Picking up the ticket shows there's
Money to be made
Go on, lose the gamble that's the
History of the trade
Did you add up all the cards left to play
To zero

And sign up with evil, Angeles?

Don't start me trying now
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

'Cause I'm all over it, Angeles

I can make you satisfied in
Everything you do
All your secret wishes could right
Now be coming true
And be forever with my poison arms

Around you
No one's gonna fool around with us
No one's gonna fool around with us
So glad to meet'cha, Angeles

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Written by: STEVEN P. SMITH

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Cuz Dud

capo 5

Intro: [Em9 - A - Bm - Bm/A - G x2] [F# - A - G - D - Em - Em/F# - G - G/A] [Bm - Bm/A - G - G/A - G/F#]

[Em9]Someone's always [A]coming around here
[Bm]trailing [Bm/A]some new [G]kill [G/F#]
[Em9]says "I've seen your [A]picture on a
[Bm]hundred-[Bm/A]dollar [G]bill"
what's a [F#]game [A]of [G]chance to [D]you,
to him is [Em]one[Em/F#][G] of [G/A]real [G]skill

So glad to [Bm]meet you, [Bm/A]Ange[G]les [G/A] [G] [G/F#]

[Em9]Picking up the [A]ticket shows there's
[Bm]money [Bm/A]to be [G]made [G/F#]
[Em9]go on, lose the [A]gamble that's the
[Bm]history [Bm/A]of the [G]trade
did you [F#]add [A]up [G]all the [D]cards left to [Em]play [Em/F#] [G]
to [G/A]zer[G]o

And sign up with [Bm]evil, [Bm/A]Ange[G]les? [G/A] [G] [G/F#]

Don't [F#]start [F#/G#]me [A]tr[C#]ying [F#]now
Uh-[A]huh, uh-[G]huh, uh-[D]huh uh-[Em]huh [Em/F#] [G] [G/A] [G]

'Cause I'm all over [Bm]it, [Bm/A]Ange[G]les [G/A] [G] [G/F#]

[Em9]I can make you [A]satisfied in
[Bm]every[Bm/A]thing you [G]do [G/F#]
[Em9]all your secret [A]wishes could right
[Bm]now be [Bm/A]coming [G]true
and be [F#]fore[A]ver [G]with my [D]poison [Em]arms [Em/F#] [G]
ar[G/A]ound [G]you

no one's gonna [Bm]fool a[Bm/A]round with [G]us
no one's gonna [Bm]fool a[Bm/A]round with [G]us
so glad to [Bm]meet you, [Bm/A]Ange[G]les ([G/A] [G] x3) [G/A] [G/F#] [G]

* Em9: 022032 F#/G#: 4X43XX

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Kill Rock Stars

Check out this rare live footage of Elliott's 1999 New Year's Eve performance at The Knitting Factory:

porcupine cup

thanks slim moon.

coeurs light budding Sperm GO Whale2002

Rest in peace Byron. You meant a lot to so many people.


Byron apparently liked lots of music since there is one also paying respect to him in Made In Heights - Forgiveness

Nevyn Nowhere

Sorry for your loss. Idk who Byron is. Elliot taught me how to play. And I knew him. So I am.sad for Elliott.

Cooper Stewart

Didn’t expect to see this comment here. RIP

Topher Boone

much love and respect fam


oof, he introduced me to this song so, so long ago. Didn't expect to see this as the top comment.

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Here because of Reckful. A brilliant man, who had a massive influence on me. I owe my success and knowledge in specific areas to him. Thank you for the years of entertainment and for being a friend when nobody was around. I know there are others out there feeling the same pain after the loss of such a amazing person, you are not alone. Praying for reckfuls family and everyone effected by this loss. Love you Reckful


Love you Elliott

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