Christian Brothers
Elliott Smith Lyrics

No bad dream fucker's gonna boss me around
Christian brothers gonna take him down
But it can't help me get over
Don't be cross, this sick I want
I've seen the boss blink on and off

Fake concerns is what's the matter, man
And you think I ought to shake your motherfucking hand
Well I know how much you care
Don't be cross, this sick I want
I've seen the boss blink on and off
Come here by me I want you here
Nightmares become me it's so fucking clear

Nightmares become me it's so fucking clear

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Written by: STEVEN P. SMITH

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


"Where “Between the Bars” warms you like an old fashioned on a cold
night, “Christian Brothers” sprays alcohol on a raging fire. Here’s the
sound of an unqualified mean drunk. Named after a brand of bottom-shelf
brandy, the song stands among Elliott’s angriest tracks. It’s certainly
his most profane. Just listen to that vengeful opening couplet: “No bad
dream fucker’s gonna boss me around/ Christian Brothers gonna take him
down.” Early in his career, Elliott often sang of vague, violent
memories from his youth. Fans have interpreted these lyrics as allusions
to the alleged abuse he suffered from his stepfather. Regardless of its
source, anger infused much of Elliott’s work, a fact lost on those who
reduced his songs as “sad bastard” music. On “Christian Brothers”, the
song’s protagonist celebrates the memory-erasing powers of cheap liquor.
He knows the alcohol “won’t help me get over,” but that doesn’t stop
him from opening another bottle. With its venomous lyrics and wonky
guitar riff, “Christian Brothers” awaits a thunderous metal cover to do
it justice."

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This chord progression keeps bringing me back


That fucking RIFF keeps bringing me back

Mateus Avila

In the middle of the '00s, I lived hell with my ex-fiancée.
But He was there, calming my head.
When that shit broke up, he was there, too.
After that, when I was strong again, I found the love of my life. We started our family, we had our wonderful boy. We were together for 6 years. She died by cancer, last year.
I hope my family never read this, because they always supported me ... but I need to tell: Elliott Smith (and my son, this time) saved my life again.
I hope he continues giving for you all, what he unfortunately could not have: strength to endure.

Will A

there is no evidence he killed himself..

Jerry Warez

Strive on ...we use this body...aka animated is a form of animated


Sweetheart, hope things are going better for you now x


I'm glad you didn't let your ex stab you in the chest twice with a knife and beat a murder rap.

Kasper Mygenfordt

Hang tough man. Elliott calms all of us, who understands that his music only looks and feels depressing on the surface. When in a negative headspace, it has the opposite effect

Ramone Cricket

This song can make you feel exultant, or very sad. It doesn't discriminate.


Getting into Elliott made me wanna try Christian brothers. Got a bottle right before my 18 birthday. I play music. Elliott is my hero. All is right in the world.

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