Elliott Smith Lyrics

You're strong, you're stubborn now
In an endless symbolic war
Brave or bored, either/or

Sometimes I ricochet from the past
And at times a future Iâ??ve already had before
Champion or chore, either/or.

Iâ??ll write the pages you rip out, back in their places again
One day youâ??ll know what youâ??re talking about
I can hardly imagine, but until then Iâ??ll be

Filling in these blanks that you create
Every time you win some petty score
Posing as hardcore, oh yeah, either/or

Look at the spin chief, battered and broken
Clutching a plastic rose
Weâ??re all in the downpour you carry around for
Trashing a lifestyle youâ??ve never known

Itâ??s a useful dream that makes
Quite an entertaining show and not much more
Up against and for, either/or

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Written by: STEVEN P. SMITH

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3:01 Alameda
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9:31 Between The Bars
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19:24 Rose Parade
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Aidan Griffin

Dustin Mulligan it’s simply the best back catalogue in music.

Lyrical genius like no other.

I’ve been listening for 19 years and I’ll listen to the day I die.

The truth and beauty in his music will never fade and we’ll keep his memory alive.

RIP Elliott - you gave us more than we deserved

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Giovanni Mangiante

How I wish he was still around. Feeling better, clean and making art.
His music really brings me peace and helps me through difficult times.
''I'm never gonna know you now but I'm gonna love you anyhow''

Gianna Ayora

Been thinking the same lately. One of my favorite artists of all time 💜


Fucking awesome that so many of us feel the pain, the beauty, the hurt and the loveliness of Elliot, and of ourselves. We are still here. Let’s make music, art, friendships, lives, and a promise that we will love.

Angela Blackthorne

Deeply emotional and musically complex and beautiful when you can make these darkest feelings beautiful and reach into the souls of others as Elliott does, well, that's great art. He's one for the generations. Fortunately he was a prolific writer and and loved recording. Just grateful we had him and he gave us the gift of this beautiful and moving music. Listening to him is like a school for melody and lyrics. He's like all four Beatles in one guy.

kafka talmud

@Giovanni .That's an XO , I was at seattle airport played this song in last week

Lucas Smith

There can be true art without pain. He had it in spades. He channeled it into his music. We feel it and it echos ours. It's kind of sad and kind of beautiful, in a way.

Juandi Aznar

best album I've ever heard.

Louie O.Blevins Music

Yall crazy. XO is without a doubt the best album. Basement on a hill might’ve been his worst. I think his friends put it together cause he had already died. There are good songs on it but he was so fucked up he was more literal in his lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, great album, last place tho. Either/Or was the first one I bought. You can tell he was doing pretty well through Either/Or through to Figure 8. I’ll take New Moon over Basement. All of yall still have good taste tho. Haha

Freddy Kidd

@concars1234 True that! This and Basement deffo my faves, though every Elliot album is amazing in its own right!

Andy Trullinger

it's the best album ever made.

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