Indescribably Blue
Elvis Presley Lyrics

Our friends all ask me
The last time I saw you
And I smile and tell them
It's been a day or two
There's no way to explain it
The way that I miss you
And my love, you have left me
Indescribably blue

I talk to your picture
My fav'right one of you
I wish that you were here with me
But what good will it do
Having no way to tell you
The pain that I've been through
Oh, my love, you have left me
Indescribably blue
Yes, my love, you have left me
Indescribably blue

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Aaron Jay I wouldn't say "by a mile". Here are some numbers for you:
Bing sold around a billion records also, but it is a conservative estimate because album sales weren't tracked as well back in the 30's and 40's.
Top 30 hits: Elvis 85 Bing 383
Top 10 hits: Elvis 38 Bing 203
#1 hits: Elvis 18 Bing 41
Longest consecutive run at number 1: Elvis 16 weeks Bing 23 weeks
Total weeks at number 1: Elvis 80 Bing 173
Most top 30 songs in a year: Elvis 10 Bing 27
Bing Crosby also is #3 all time in movie tickets sold, winning 2 oscars for best actor and nominated for a third. Bing was the first multimedia superstar; his popularity cannot be overstated. People today do not remember the unreal level of popularity he had during the 30's and 40's. I feel it can be argued that Bing Crosby was the most influential singer ever. Period. He revolutionized popular singing and in the process influenced, either directly or indirectly, every singer since. Elvis took popular singing and taught it a rock and roll beat, helping to create a whole new genre of music and should deservedly be praised for that accomplishment. I also happen to think that Elvis is by far the better vocalist. However, I feel that the massive popularity and profound impact Bing Crosby had on not only popular music, but popular culture in general through his music, movies, radio and television shows, and personal appearances, needs to be recognized and remembered. He is, after all, recognized as the most recorded voice in human history.

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Joyce Zazzali

He Had To Be One Of The Most " Handsome Men" That EVER Walked This Planet !!

Minda Meirim

No doubt!

Carole Griggs

@Maryanne Melenka The ones who are handsome, just pale beside him...

Carole Griggs

@Jocelyne Millien Yes because every single artist of his era and beyond, was and still is, inspired by him. He was simply, a one off. There'll never be another. When I see him on TV now, especially in his concerts, I am still in awe as I was when I first saw him age 11/12. If Elvis comes on screen, then I just stand still - riveted, fixated where I stand.

Carole Griggs

@Cheryl French Elvis was so unique in how he wore his clothes. Always COOL. Still in tune with fashion. Never dated. The range of his voice was fantastic.

Carole Griggs

@Marilyn S He was indeed THE most handsome man ever, and a beautiful person. Loved Elvis since I was 12 years old. A long , long time....

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jjking pop

I met Elvis in Las Vegas Feb 1970 at a after party at the Hilton. He sang this song on the piano and brought tears to some of the 50 people there. I’m from Adelaide Australia and I was on my honeymoon. I’m 86 and that concert/after party feels like it was yesterday. When he walked into the room everyone went quiet girls were staring guys were speechless! He was a true gentleman and went around the room shook hands with everybody and my wife got a kiss(she was never the ) What a night!!


@Margaret Taylor Billy Smith is a lovely man and I watch his YT channel and listen to his stories with great interest so he is a great source of information for anything related to Elvis. My brother met and spoke to the late Joe Esposito who was Elvis' road manager and best man quite a few years ago while Joe was here in Australia promoting one of his books. One of the questions my brother asked him was about Presley's height and Joe replied he was about 5'11.5, a fraction under 6 foot.
Also, I read on an Elvis blog some years ago, Larry Geller who was Elvis' personal hairstylist describing him as being around 5'11.5. So these are my sources.

Margaret Taylor

@MrRockabilly70 Of course we love him regardless.I cited my sources such as Billy Smith, etc.What is your source or sources for your information.I will research it. Regardless, it is what it is.


@Margaret Taylor Elvis was just under 6ft around 5'11'' ish. He wore boots with a decent size heel when he was wearing those jump suites from about 1969 onwards which put him well over 6ft but to me no matter what his height was he will always be one of my giant icons in life.

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