Elvis Presley Lyrics

Somewhere out in empty space,
long before the human race,
Something stirred,
A vast and timeless source began,
Intelligence was born and then,
there was the world,
Powers filled the universe,
matter formed and broke the curse,
Of nothingness,
Love became an ageless soul,
nature reached her highest goal,
And breathed the breath of life,
Everlasting life.

Well creatures come from out of sight,
Daylight came from in the night,
and all was good,
Life became a masterplan,
Love produced the perfect man,
that understood,
The image of the makers word,
worshipped him with all he had,
But then one day,
From in the depths an evil seed,
grew and manufactured greed,
That changed the way of life,
Everlasting life,

Oh the loving power looked and saw,
Inside the heart of man a flaw,
began to grow,
Well, the fires of hell began to burn,
and so he sent his chosen son,
To let us know,
That love had surely made us all,
and hate would surely make us fall,
So from the cross,
Well he showed the world that dreadful day,
That love could be the only way,
or all is lost of life,
Everlasting life,
For life is love,
And love is life.

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Written by: SHIRL MILETE

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Thad Goy

Here are some facts on the king of rock n roll:

1. Jesse died while still a stillborn and was buried in an unmarked grave. Elvis tried to locate his brother's grave but was unsuccessful

2. Elvis was one year old when a tornado outbreak hit the US during the tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreak. The tornado missed the shotgun house Elvis was living, sparing it from destruction. Gladys claims she notices that somehow God has spared him because he has something in store for him. She was right

3. Elvis is nuts about guns. One example, when he and his buddies place lightbulbs in the swimming pool while in the dark and fire their bullets and score a hit. He even shot at a TV as a remote control off button

4. Elvis drove his first car from his dad and later had one as a teen. But it didn't last long as the car soon caught fire

5. Elvis's first job was as a driver at age 19 earning $33 per week

6. His music teacher thought he couldn't sing, even though he sang in front of her to prove her wrong. His grade on music is a C-. He auditions to be one of the music bands but was rejected because the band lead singer thought he couldn't sing too

7. He once won a singing contest as a kid. In fact, his B-Day present was a guitar and learn how to play it from his uncles and neighbors

8. He traded his old guitar for a new one, and the owner of the store where he traded it threw it out. It could be worth a fortune if he kept it!

9. Elvis got into a fight with a gas station manager because he was drawing crowds disrupting his business. He got off light

Ted Jon

I’m here watching this in some sort of shock to a degree.
I grew up watching Elvis in the white bell-bottom suit and his songs .

I as a young kid was always told I look and sounded like Elvis.
For me we look nothing alike but my mom did say she fixed my hair like him and I wore things like dress up pants to school as a kid and as a teenager.

I remember my teacher telling me in the 2nd grade I sing good , I remember she wrote it down on a Christmas Ornament we made in school, which I hung up in my tree. That’s the thing me and Elvis have in common that a teacher pulled us aside and said we sing good.

Even today I sing 2 of his songs and I do sound like him. Im glad I do but I don’t show no one , I just like to practice alone in my home , where I’m a Recluse from the world.

Watching this I didn’t know about Elvis had a eating disorder and that he was a recluse. I didn’t know why he stop seeing Priscilla Presley and I didn’t know when he was a kid he was poor, that’s shocking.
I was told he had a heart attack when I was 7 and he was dead but my mom just said he went to bed and didn’t wake up. My mom has his same birthday, so I always thought it was cool , we had a connection.

Nice video , I can’t want to see more .

Good day .

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Nicholas Nortey

Can we plz get one for Bob Marley and Michael Jackson plz thank you

Nom de Plume

Elvis was a combo threat ... amazingly good looking, and talented.

His talent without his beauty he still would have been a star ... but paired with his amazing good looks, is what propelled him through the stratosphere.

Sav Gym


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Pete Garofalo

Elvis’s fatal flaw was that he was easily manipulated, most of all by Col. Tom Parker and Dr. Nick. He also never got over the death of his mother, which haunted him his entire life.

debbie flores

poor elvis there had to be something more than the death of his mother that he continued to mourn over her death. only God knows.


And his twin brother who died.

Steven Martinek

Hi everybody! Hi Dr. Nick!

Holly Zemlicka

@Mallory Scott and help he did. Elvis was known for his generosity. I was born in 1947 so I remember when Elvis came on the scene. To me it was heartbreaking to see him in his final years desperately trying to be relevant. I visited Graceland and I swear I could feel his presence there.

Unchain America

He was sheltered most of his life. A sheltered boy stepping into fame and the spotlight was a recipe for disaster. Tom Parker could careless for Elvis' mental health as long as he could swindle money out of Elvis' bank accounts.

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