Lonely Man
Elvis Presley Lyrics

It's a lonely man
Who wanders all around
It's a lonely man
Who roams from town to town
Searchin', always searchin'
For something he can't find
Hopin', always hopin'
That some day fate will be kind
It's a lonely man
Who travels all alone
When he has no one
That he can call his own
Always so unhappy
Taking shelter where he can
Here I am
Come meet a lonely, lonely man
Always so unhappy
Taking shelter where he can
Here I am
Come meet a lonely, lonely man
Here I am
Come meet a lonely, lonely man


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Comments from YouTube:

Don Duke

Even in a Crowd, he was a Lonely Man..

janet brown

I agree 100%

Rene Guenon

Yes, he said that once himself.

David Grant

The best singer that ever was ,and the most handsome man that was xx


Elvis is the Greatest Singer of All Time. His voice is so soothing and beautiful. No one can ever compare and no one will ever take His place. I will Forever Love Elvis.

Luke Kourdoullou

Such a great voice and singer it's as if God kissed he's throat

Mary moreein

LISTENED TO THS TODAY ON 1 OF MY FAVORITE TAPES, and almost cried.  I'm still blown away by this Phenomenal performer.  NEVER BE ANOTHER!!!!!!!


Its beyond belief how , here in  England, the radio media will only ever play the same "obvious " Elvis songs over and over , while many , and I mean MANY !!!!  beautiful Elvis songs { like this gem } , never get played at all . Makes me wonder if the radio media have some kind of vendetta against him ..   ..........This king deserves better !!!

David Gibbs

True. Any Day Now is a song springs to mind and Stranger In My own Home Town to name but two.

Roberto Hardy

It's just ignorance on the part of the people in charge. They go for the stuff they have heard of. There's also a bias against music above a certain number of years old.

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