My Boy
Elvis Presley Lyrics

You're sleeping son, I know
But, really, this can't wait
I wanted to explain
Before it gets too late
For your mother and me
Love has finally died
This is no happy home
But God knows how I've tried
Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you, my boy
I know it's hard to understand
Why did we ever start?
We're more like strangers now
Each acting out a part
I have laughed, I have cried
I have lost every game
Taken all I can take
But I'll stay just the same
Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you, my boy
Sleep on, you haven't heard a word
Perhaps it's just as well
Why spoil your little dreams
Why put you through the hell
Life is no fairytale
As one day you will know
But now you're just a child
I'll stay here and watch you grow
Because you're all I have, my boy
You are my life, my pride, my joy
And if I stay, I stay because of you, my boy

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vilma moro

2021. Millions of people all around the world still listening to all of Elvis's gems. The most brilliant, beautiful and unique person to have walked and sung on this earth. God missed him so much, that's why he took him back!


Its 2021 and no one Still comes close to this man, nor ever will.
He is the greatest to ever live!!!


@Andrew Dexter behave yourself

Andrew Dexter

Cliff Richard is close, he's a legend, outselling Elvis in the UK .

Lance Vance

Michael Jackson

Helen Lear

Thanks for the video Elvis most beautiful sincere man love Elvis forever and ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋 fantastic voice bueatiful ❤️💋❤️

Andy Blenkey

Exactly well put 100 per cent

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Veronica M.

Its 2019 and still no one comes close to this man. Single greatest entertainer ever.


@Lance Vance Imagine thinking that a child pedophile could even be compared to Elvis. Also imagine realizing that Michael had zero cultural impact on the world. What MJ did had already been done a million times. Imagine that Michael never was responsible for creating a new genre of music that would forever change the industry. Sony released 93 Million MJ albums while he was alive. RCA released 118 Million albums while Elvis was alive. That means that Elvis had a shorter career and still outsold MJ. Also MJ liked to blow up his value when the truth was far from it. Example: Head of Sony Tommy Mottola stated in his book that the 1991 deal with MJ was for 35 million dollars, yet MJ wouldn't sign that deal unless the press release stated that it was a Billion dollar deal. Elvis has been dead since 1977 yet according to Soundscan he still outsold a living MJ at the time. Soundscan 1991 sales: Elvis 35, 555,000, MJ 34,723,000. Need more? Variety declared Elvis the greatest entertainer in history. Elvis's song 'It's Now or Never' outsold MJ's 'We are the World". Considering that MJ's song reached a broader world audience in terms of sales it speaks volumes. Elvis has the most RIAA certifications, far more than MJ. Elvis always sang live, MJ not so much. Elvis has more Billboard number ones (Elvis- 17, MJ -13). In 2013 Elvis was listed as having the most digital streams. MJ wasn't even on that list. Elvis has had constitutive song of the year credited to him. MJ hasn't had one. Billboard historian Joel Whitburn states in his book that between the years 1955-2009 Elvis was the greatest artist of all time, listing MJ in 7th. To conclude there are far to many examples that show how inaccurate your comment is. He may be the "best" in your mind but that's just in your mind.

Marilyn Presley 2am

@Lance Vance ok? Some people think that Elvis was the greatest (including me) and you aren’t changing anyone’s opinion!

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