Tell Me Why
Elvis Presley Lyrics

Every time I look at someone new
Tell me why I think of you
Then you sometimes ask me by
You're playing with love
Darling tell me why
You left me all alone
To cry over you
My heart is torn and broken
There's nothing left to do
In my prayers, I'll mention you
When you're gone I feel so blue
Why can't I have all of you
Oh, somebody, please tell me why

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Written by: TITUS TURNER

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The biggest secrets revealed! You will find links below to Elvis singing gospel (this year) He can’t say he is Elvis as The rights to his name were sold for
$53 million .. (reasons are below in links as is the doctor who treated him for a number of years until recently)
He is also married (Yes Elvis) to his wartime sweetheart Wilenna .. see link below :
(Doctor who says he’s alive and treated him for last 10 years!

They have a son Matt who is in one of the videos he makes his dad (Elvis) sing Trilogy Matts middle name is Charro named after An Elvis film. Enjoy!!! 😉 (older Elvis playing piano and singing gospel )
“I have up everything “
Please watch all of this before you make up your mind! Watch this ...Elvis Bob saying he gave everything up!!! 😉
Along the River song 2 voices together for comparison.
He Hideth my soul song
Wonder of you song (older Elvis paying guitar singing) (Pastor bob filmed st Graceland) (Trilogy) (With his Son(who’s middle name is Charro after Elvis film he is an Elvis impersonator) note how he has to tell his father the words) he doesn’t sing these songs anymore! (Matt Elvis son being interviewed about Elvis at Graceland .. note the slip ups! (Elvis singing to date) Where the Angels sing (Elvis singing to date)
(Elvis singing play guitar up to date) note the thumb over the fretboard like “Elvis in the past”
The reason he “died” possibly because of Mafia!!!
(Elvis playing piano and singing in aged in his 80s) (Garth Brooks thinks he’s alive! And Glen Hardin Elvis piano player works with Garth. There is also a picture of Glen Hardin sitting beside Bob joyce whilst playing piano at his church) (Priscilla slip up on Oprah show saying “Elvis just said that the other day!”) (laughter comparison and quotes ) (voice comparison and his religious quest)


You can actually visit his church but DO NOT mention “Elvis”.. “you should be there for the sermons and the religious aspect” That way you can still enjoy his beautiful tones and his service messages.

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Travis Kraft


Per Thomsen

Yeah the man could sing
and it is as you say powerful
I love listening to Elvis
Especially the gospel music

Jackie Oxley

Such a good sing .very powerful .love it Jackie oxley

pascal lindemann

aujourd'hui c'est l'anniversaire de ELVIS PRESLEY (86 ans) Lisa Marie Presley (y) ♥ ELVIS PRESLEY qui aura vendu 1 milliard de disques (au total) a chanté cette chanson suite aux assassinats de John Fitzgerald Kennedy et de son frère Bob Kennedy ainsi que de Martin Luther King, Jr.. #music paroles superbes (y) :
(y) "There must be lights burning brighter somewhere Il doit y avoir des lumières qui brillent plus ardemment, quelque part Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue Des oiseaux qui volent plus haut dans un ciel plus bleu If I can dream of a better landSi je peux rêver d'une terre meilleure Where all my brothers walk hand in hand Où tous mes frères marchent main dans la main Tell me why, oh why, oh why cant my dream come true Dis-moi pourquoi, oh pourquoi, oh pourquoi mes rêves ne peuvent pas devenir réels There must be peace and understanding sometime Il doit y avoir la paix et la compréhension, winds of promise that will blow away Des vents forts de promesse, qui balaieront All the doubt and fear Tous les doutes et la peur If I can dream of a warmer sun Si je peux rêver d'un soleil plus chaud Where hope keeps shining on everyone Où l'espoir continue de briller sur chacun Tell me why, oh why, oh why wont that sun appear Dis-moi pourquoi, oh pourquoi, oh pourquoi ce soleil ne va pas apparaître Were lost in a cloud Perdus dans les nuages With too much rain Avec trop de pluie Were trapped in a world Pris au piège dans un monde Thats troubled with pain Troublé par la douleur But as long as a man Mais tant que l'homme Has the strength to dream à la force de rêver He can redeem his soul and fly Il peut racheter son âme et s'envoler (1) Deep in my heart theres a trembling question Au fond de mon cœur, il y a une question troublante Still I am sure that the answer gonna come somehow Cependant je suis sûr que la réponse viendra un jour Out there in the dark, theres a beckoning candle Là bas dans le noir, il y a une lueur d'espoir (2) And while I can think, while I can talk Et bien que je peux penser, que je peux parler While I can stand, while I can walk que je peux me lever, que je peux marcher While I can dream, please let my dream que je peux rêver, s'il te plaît laisse mon rêve Come true, right now devenir réel, maintenant !Let it come true right now Laisse-le se réaliser à présent Oh yeah
(1) Nettoyer son âme, se confesser, repentir..."

Pierre Huot

@B Ev I think you should listen to the lyrics of the song dude

Mitchell Marcus

@Sean Genoff Thank you for your comment. I have to release a little steam from time to time so as not to blow. I have had a belly full of being called a Nazi a fascist a White supremacist with White privilege. Just because the color of my skin. I will never allow myself to stoop to there level God bless you my friend thanks for your advice it's noted.

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Darlene McCarthy

This song should be brought back it fits everything going on in today’s world.


I’ve just seen your response, and I was just about to write, so did Marvin gay’s songs but what I’m amazed by is my name is Phil McCarthy .

nate dagreat

They need to reair this on TV

Raul Villarroel

@Harry h could you give me your opinion about this?

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