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All Fireplaces
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James Murdoch

1800s? Life was very much like that in the UK right up until the 1960s!
We lived in a spacious Victorian house very similar to the one shown, the cobble stone street was lit, at dusk, by gas lights.

Each room had a fireplace - though fires were never lit in the bedrooms unless one was ill!
We used the dining room when we had guests, only then was the fire lit in that room - family meals were taken in the 'breakfasting kitchen' which was warm and cosy and also had a couple of comfortable armchairs where I would do my homework and listen to the radio (no TV back then) after dinner, my dog and cat snoozing contentedly by the fire.
During the day, on school vacations, I remember our cleaning lady doing the ironing and singing along to the radio in front of that fire (which also heated the water, via a boiler behind it, for the household). She would make me cocoa at 10:am - which I looked forward to!
I recall scraping the frost off the inside of my bedroom windows on many a winter's morning in the 1940s and '50s.... strangely I can't remember being cold, though do remember feeling warm, and safe, and happy!

My grandparent's Scottish farmhouse had neither electricity or indoor plumbing right up to the mid to late 1950s - light was by oil lamps in the main living areas, and by candle in the bedrooms. Water for bathing was heated on a gigantic copper kettle over the kitchen fire - and for laundry in a wood fired copper boiler in the laundry room. Ovens for baking were heated either side of the kitchen fire - my Grandma would warm my pajamas before bedtime in one of those ovens!

Everyone read voraciously, conversed with one another, sang songs around the piano, we even had an old wind up gramophone with scratchy thick vinyl records. I can't ever remember being bored. Happy days!

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lol omg

1832 ! That mean the house is almost paid off..

Billy Day

Can you imagine if people today had to live a month under the conditions our ansectors did? Just losing the internet would drive some people crazy.

Richard Sci

Obama says we use too much energy. He wants us to live like they did in the 1800's.

Chris Armstrong

Well, you showed us how the wealthy stayed warm, how about teaching us how the middle class and poor got through.

Batman Still Rising

Yeah and I notice how the servants/slaves froze their a** off upstairs in the attic while he has that big a** smile on his face knowing the history!


I think some of them built homes inside the base of hills to shield out the harsh conditions of the western states at the time..

Jonathan Tan

Many layers of clothing indoors, and huddling near the fireplace (which also doubled as the kitchen stove).

Elizabeth Shaw

in the 1930's in Portland Maine My grandmother used to heat bricks in the fireplace and wrap them up and put them in my mother's bed to keep her feet warm.


LOL. Oh really.....How They Kept Warm in the 1800s? More like , How Rich People kept Warm in three story mansions in the 1800s/

Rusty Shackleford

I guess heat didn't rise back then.

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