Ballerina's Reprise
Emile Hayne Lyrics

Well, I'm pretty gone.
What a charming coincidence,
that I go out,
and you still
go out.
I wrote a song where we act like adults.
Oh well
It's never changed;
let's keep on keeping on.
Baby dont ever change.
(I'm tired, as long as it's the same...)
It takes some fucking guts to stay the same,
(...I cannot stay with you.)
you've seen mine,
so pull the knife.
You've got your proof,
(I can not stay with you)
I'm doing fine.
(I skip too fast away.)
This was fun.
I'm gonna go and get sewn up.
(I do not fall.)
Get sewn up and keep on moving on.
I cannot stay with you.
I cannot stay with you.
I run too fast away.
I run too fast away.
(Keep on moving on.)
I do not fall
I do not fall
I dance too fast away
I do not fall.
I do not fall.

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