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Little Jack Frost
by Emilie-Claire Barlow

Little jack frost, get lost, get lost
little jack frost, get lost
you know you don’t do a thing but put the bite on the toes
freeze up the ground and take the bloom from the rose.
Oh little jack frost, go away, go away
and don’t you come back another day
there’s lots of cold feet
all the lovers complain
you turned off the heat down in lovers lane
the bench in the park is all alone in the dark
so little jack frost, get lost, get lost
little jack frost, get lost

won’t you listen up, l.J. frost go on get outta here
you’re scaring away the blue skies and the whole green scene
frosting up my window pane
freezing me to the bone
tell that grumpy old man winter to let you come home
with your cold, cold wind, and your ice and snow
better bundle up your overcoat when he starts to blow
put back the leaves on the maple trees
bring back the sun and the summer breeze
let’s call it a day. Don’t come back, no way
little jack frost, get lost

where are all the boys and girls
walking hand in hand down at the park
they got their hands in their mittens
and their mittens in their pockets
and they gotta get home before dark
l.J’s in town - he’s gonna bring you down
sprinkling his frostyness all over town
where’d’ya go when they brought all that snow?
Do you go where the flowers hide when l.J. drops by?
Would you listen to me, oh frosty one
put your snowflakes away, we can call it a day
and our work can be done
get out and stay out - stay far, far away out
little jack frost, get lost, get lost
little jack frost get lost

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